WeatherSentry Pavement Forecast Edition

Improve Safety and Mobility.

Weather plays a huge role in the safety and mobility of roads. From winter weather to heavy rain, approaching storms can put the safety of drivers and road workers at risk. Managing this requires educated routing, maintenance, treatment and removal strategies. Now you can ensure safety for everyone, while conserving budget because of smarter crew deployment and treatment decisions. WeatherSentry will make your decisions easier with best-in-class weather forecasts and expert recommendations.

WeatherSentry is a unique decision support software that delivers a clear view of all the weather affecting your operations. DTN delivers accurate forecasts, industry leading alerting, and expert driven recommendations to transportation supply chain professionals as well as those responsible for road maintenance, snow plowing, and winter road treatment. Create plans before severe weather strikes with our daily forecasts for the next 15 days and hourly forecasts for the next 72 hours. Take action sooner on scheduling and treatment plans to keep your roads clear and safe for every motorist.

The most pertinent data, all on one screen

With WeatherSentry, you can create custom views to see all the important weather data and traffic information you need to make smart decisions, all on one screen. You have the ability to layer weather conditions with traffic cameras views and traffic speeds on an interactive map to see, in real-time, how weather is affecting traffic flow. Monitor storms for ice, snow, winds, heat, and other conditions that could affect road conditions or the ability to keep traffic flowing. All of this, and more, is quickly accessed online via phone, or PC.

Learn more about WeatherSentry Pavement forecast Edition here, or take a free trial and empower yourself with the information you need to make decisions confidently.

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