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Working in the energy industry means managing many different factors—some of which are beyond your control. Weather events that could disrupt supply or impact price. Future power needs and variable inventories. You can’t control these factors, but you can control how you prepare for them.

That’s exactly why you need Weather Stations. They give you access to instant weather data and forecasts for your exact location, so you’re prepared for the weather today, tomorrow, and long-term. When you know what’s coming, you are able to make smart, informed forecasts on your power load needs.

The information you need to protect your people.

Weather Stations integrate with WeatherSentry® to create a total solution for all your load forecasting needs. Each station is strategically placed around your territory for optimum readings to provide you with hyper-local, real-time weather information. WeatherSentry can be customized to your specifications and leads the industry in detecting lightning, approaching storms, severe heat conditions, and more. And everything is displayed clearly on a single screen, or even on your mobile device. Because the weather can change at any time, and you’ve got to be ready.

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