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Load forecasting is a delicate business that takes into account a multitude of factors. And unfortunately, one of those factors—the weather—can change unpredictably. But with DTN FTP Forecasts, you have access to our proven, mission-critical weather information, downloaded directly from the web into your own applications and programs. This gives you a comprehensive view of reliable, real-time weather information and how it impacts your operations, letting you improve your load planning and response times.

More accuracy. Less unpredictability.

FTP Forecast Feeds integrate seamlessly into standard programming and provide high-performance delivery of GIS-based weather information. With customizable views, hourly and daily forecasts, and the ability to easily share relevant information with all applicable users, you can enhance your situational awareness and create operational efficiencies that will help you save money and protect your assets. Plus, our forecasts have been independently ranked the most accurate in the industry, so you can rest assured you’re making the most informed decisions possible to avoid excessive base loads, limit imbalance penalties, improve distribution management, and keep your assets and your people safe and out of harm’s way.

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