Meteorological Consulting For Emergency Preparedness and Response

Better understand risk, and prepare appropriately

Making the right call for a major storm event is what can keep you up at night. Line up too much staffing for restoration and you can potentially “waste” millions of dollars. Line up too little and you can have a PR disaster on your hands. DTN Expert OnCall meteorology consulting can give you invaluable guidance. Understand the likelihood of the forecasted severe weather, gain an understanding of various scenarios and their probability. Interact directly with these professionals to make better preparedness decisions that you and your management can stand behind.

Minimizing outages by maximizing information.

DTN Expert OnCall meteorology consulting gives you access to a dedicated team of meteorologists who are available to you 24/7. They’ll help you make better decisions about staffing, requesting mutual aid resources, helping you be prepared with the right amount of resources, at the right time, in the right places. You’ll also have access to long-term seasonal outlooks, warnings when severe weather is approaching, and more. So you get complete support for the critical decisions for your business.

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