Storm Impact Analytics

Take your outage and damage prediction to the next level

Increasingly volatile and extreme weather events are significantly impacting the operations and bottom lines of many utilities.

Not all forecasts are created equal

An accurate forecast alone isn’t enough to support a truly strategic storm response. The right forecast also accounts for the unique needs of an individual utility’s power restoration teams and operations. That’s what Storm Impact Analytics from DTN does.

This damage and outage incident prediction system uses a sophisticated, machine learning-based approach to provide a set of quantitative predictions that support a more prepared response to service interruptions.

With Storm Impact Analytics you can:

• Improve your outage response strategy – use machine learning to see how your utility responds to storms and create models to accurately predict the impact of future events

• Boost customer satisfaction – precision insights can help you restore power even faster

• Act confidently – you can trust our proven, professional meteorological guidance, available 24/7

• Enhance damage predictions – incorporate your network infrastructure and factor in vegetation and tree trimming cycle data for more targeted insights

• Comply with public service commissions – it helps you do everything you can to properly prepare for storms and improve your cost recovery

Actionable insights for a targeted response

Storm Impact Analytics is fully integrated with WeatherSentry® and includes our real-time 24/7 meteorological guidance, making it far more sophisticated than other methods. Trust DTN to help you better understand the impact of each storm on your operation with its customized, actionable insights.

Learn more about Storm Impact Analytics here here, or contact us to deploy machine learning for your utlity.