WeatherSentry Utility Edition

Advanced weather intelligence mitigates service interruptions

Lightning, ice, and damaging winds can wreak havoc on substations, power lines, and electric infrastructure. Anticipate and prepare for possible service interruptions by tracking when and where severe weather will affect your service area and keep your line crews safe until the storm has passed with WeatherSentry Utility Edition from DTN.

WeatherSentry helps you with crew callout/holder decisions, respond faster to limit outage times, and increase employee safety. Our exclusive storm tracking shows you where severe weather has been, where it is, and where it is headed. Stay one step ahead of Mother Nature with WeatherSentry.

Track lightning and wind like never before

Lightning and wind are great concerns, as they can quickly knock out power and pose significant danger to your employees working in the field. WeatherSentry’s Lightning Manager® delivers real-time strike information, showing where lightning has struck. You can even visualize whether storms have a high degree of more damaging positive polarity and high amperage lightning. Crews in the field can be automatically notified of lightning with WeatherSentry® Mobile’s GPS alerting right on their phone, keeping them safe and out of harm’s way. After the storm, view historical lightning and receive asset inspection reports to identify substations or other assets that may have been hit.

Protect your employees and deliver excellence for your customers by improving outage response time and keeping track of severe weather with accurate forecasts and real-time information with WeatherSentry Utility Edition.

Learn more about WeatherSentry Utility Edition here, or sign up for a free trial and be ready before severe weather strikes.

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