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Turbulence Forecasts Helps Pilots Fly Smarter and Safer

New advances in technology, along with sophisticated weather models and algorithms, provide more accurate turbulence forecasts.

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How the trucking industry adapts to winter weather

Weather-related delays cost the trucking industry almost $3.5 billion annually in lost time, cancellations and schedule changes.

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Five ways the shipping industry can meet IMO 2020 regulations

IMO 2020 is one of the most disruptive changes to the shipping industry. Find out what changes you can make to lessen the impact on your business.

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Black Friday’s “big deal” should not be the weather

The 2019 Black Friday weather forecast should be mostly good news for shoppers and retailers nationwide; weather forecasts point to a decent shopping day.

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Why energy traders need accurate weather forecasts

Weather is the most significant supply and demand driver, and one that energy traders watch closely — especially temperature.

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DTN 2019 Winter Weather Outlook: Warmer early – snow, polar vortex to follow

The 2019-20 Winter Weather Outlook is showing that winter weather this year appears to be less cold and wet than last year – good news for businesses.

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Detecting fog to prevent delays, accidents and injuries

DTN is introducing new technology that allows for more accurate fog detection to reduce delays and accidents across the transportation industry.

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A look back at the ‘most powerful’ Hurricane Dorian

Dorian was the most powerful hurricane on record to strike the Bahamas with sustained winds of 185 miles per hour matching the second strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic.

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