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Cargo ship sailing the sea
Improve Sustainability Through Weather-Optimized Routing

Weather-optimized routing combines data from multiple sources to calculate a vessel’s optimal route. It uses accurate weather data, ship-specific profiles, and the expertise of master mariners to help each voyage to meet its key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Hot sun
Improving Load Forecasting & Management During Heat Waves

Prolonged heat waves create significant impacts on the energy grid. Hotter temperatures lead to increased cooling demands, particularly during the afternoon when temperatures generally reach their peak.

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Cargo ship surrounded by clouds
Improve Vessel Performance with The Five Essentials of Weather-Optimized Routing

Vessel routing is simply about getting a ship from one port to another. Historically, it relied on fixed routes and didn’t factor in weather conditions.

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Planes on Tarmac
Enjoy Airline Fleet Fuel Efficiency with Streamlined Operations

Even before the COVID-19 impact, airlines were facing razor-thin margins and the imperative to cut costs wherever possible. New restrictions on flight capacities are compounding the struggle.

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Blog Header Summer Sub-seasonal
Summer Sub-Seasonal Forecast Success in Europe

A successful long-lead forecast for the recent, significant pattern change over Europe provided early insight on conditions. The sub-seasonal forecast successfully predicted the change from warm, calm weather patterns of June to cooler, wetter windier conditions in early July — three weeks in advance.

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Blog Header Offshore Wind Turbine
Four Trends Impacting the Role of Weather Data for Offshore Wind Farms

Whether you’re working on a wind farm installation, planning routine maintenance, or planning to decommission a site, it’s clear that weather conditions can impact your work. This situation has been the case since the very early days of offshore wind farms. But it’s not just about operations, the weather impacts every phase of a project lifecycle.

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Blog header rainy car windshield
Mild European Winter Highlights Importance of Accurate Weather for Road Maintenance

Winter road maintenance services have a tough job. It’s all about balancing safety, without letting costs spiral. Treating roads too late can lead to accidents and traffic jams, but unnecessary treatments mean high costs and avoidable environmental damage.

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Electrical workers looking at pylon
Use Lightning Intelligence to Protect Infrastructure from Outages

Power failures and interruptions are on the rise. According to Inside Energy, between 2000 and 2014, the five-year annual average of outages doubled every five years.

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