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Post-Hurricane Laura EIA Data Paints Grim Picture for Oil

Weekly U.S. Petroleum Status data from the EIA has been choppy in recent weeks amid major storms that shut in production and refinery operations and disrupted import/export activity along the Gulf Coast.

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LNG Tanker with Storm Cluods
How location-specific weather forecasts boost efficiencies at LNG ports and terminals

Better understand the unique weather-related challenges LNG ports and terminals face, and how accurate insights ensure safety and efficiency.

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Single woman standing in line at airport
Jet Fuel’s Labor Day Letdown as a Cautionary Tale

When Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway announced they had sold the entirety of a more than $4 billion position in U.S. airlines because of the coronavirus back in early May, the decision was met with thunderous debate and scrutiny.

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Fuel Truck driving on highway
Boost Efficiency with Fuel Management Software

Automated fuel management software can yield cost savings while simultaneously streamlining terminal management through custom reporting. The benefits of these fuel management systems include keeping track of fuel transactions with real-time inventory updates.

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Blog Header Marine Chief at controls
Enhance your decisions by adding weather data to your digitalization strategy

Discover how accurate weather data and professional expertise are advancing digitalization in the shipping industry.

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Blog Header Businessman touching graph
Timely Analysis Keeps You Competitive in Commodity Trading

Staying ahead in the world of commodity trading can feel like a full-time job. From keeping an eye on competitors to picking the perfect time to make a move, there are a lot of considerations.

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Blog Header Hand on Gas Pump
Refiners and Crude Prices Can’t Escape Diesel Backlog as Seasonal Gasoline Demand Weakness Approaches

DTN Market Analyst Troy Vincent explains how global physical crude’s warning signs could signal softening demand and why market fundamentals will win out over the long term.

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Blog Header Radarscope 4.0
RadarScope 4.0

We’re pleased to announce the release of RadarScope 4.0. It’s available today for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and Android. Version 4.0 includes several new customer-facing features today, and under-the-hood changes that will lead to more new features down the road.

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