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Fred Helms Case Study

Fred Helms has been farming full-time since 1984, after attending the University of Illinois. Since then, he’s been growing corn and soybeans in the southwestern part of the state, about 22 miles east of the river terminals.

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FutureRack℠ Live Fuel Price Forecasts

Live, up-to-the minute wholesale rack price forecasts! See tomorrow’s rack prices anytime you wish via the web. FutureRack℠ Live has been transforming the way bulk fuel buyers and sellers purchase fuel across the industry. With a proven 98 percent accuracy rate on our market forecasts, FutureRack Live is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get an edge on daily rack price moves.

FutureRack℠ Wholesale Fuel Price Forecasts

Real-time and intraday reports by market. No more guessing when to lift product at the rack. Get advance notice of potential rack prices with FutureRack℠ market forecasts.

Georgia Power Company Case Study

"WeatherSentry’s reliable information helps us prepare and do our jobs—and that is to quickly get the electricity back on after storms." – Georgia Power Company

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GIS Catalog – Brochure

When considering a weather data provider, the ability to scale as your needs require is vital. DTN data is served from a completely scalable environment. Our GIS solutions provide the largest selection of precision weather layers on the market today. Ready to learn more about how GIS can work for you?

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Hawaiian Airlines Case Study

"The methodology and specificity of the flight hazard forecasts allow us to create custom briefing packages for pilots, which better prepare them for their flight and what they can expect from the weather." Hawaiian Airlines

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How On-Farm Weather Stations Deliver Greater Accuracy

Recently, we used spatial interpolation to analyze the accuracy of estimated weather observations used in many precision agriculture applications against the known observations gathered from on-farm local weather stations.

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How to Control the Impact of Insects on Crops

Assessing this year’s regional perspectives on the impact of insect pests will provide farmers with management strategies for next year’s growing season.

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