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WeatherSentry Sports & Recreation Edition – Brochure

Whether attending a professional event or a local rec league, nothing beats the excitement of gameday. But severe weather can turn the atmosphere from exciting to dangerous in a flash.

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WeatherSentry Utility Edition – Brochure

In the eyes of your customers, you have one job, and that's to keep the lights on. At DTN, we know it’s more complicated than that, and reducing service interruptions and improving response time to outages is vital to keeping customers satisfied.

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WeatherSentry Wind Edition – Brochure

Efficient wind farm operation requires awareness of both current and predicted lightning, hub-height wind speeds, and weather conditions that will limit maintenance activities. WeatherSentry Wind Edition is the complete weather solution you need to keep your wind farm operating at max capacity — safely.

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Web Services – Brochure

DTN’s Web Services provides some of the most accurate forecasts in the industry, helping you predict loads that most accurately reflect actual demand. With this information, you can avoid excessive base loads while limiting imbalance penalties.

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Wet Bulb Globe Infographic

Learn how to protect your players with this wet bulb globe temperature infographic.

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Wet Bulb Globe Temperature eBook

Professional sport organizations — including the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) — recommend safety protocols based on Wet Bulb Globe Temperature thresholds.

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Why Alerting Matters for Outdoor Events E-book

An e-book dedicated to helping you discover four factors that make alerting for your events more important than ever before.

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Why Event Organizers Need A Comprehensive Weather Safety Plan

Public safety should be the top priority of event managers and organizers, as nearly all outdoor events will be subject to the potential threat of adverse weather conditions. Event organizers equipped with a comprehensive weather-related safety plan, a monitor of real-time weather information, and accurate weather information can mitigate risk.

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