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Total Solar Eclipse
Are There Any Business Impacts From the Total Eclipse?

There will be a solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. This rare eclipse will be an exciting event for viewers as it stretches across parts of the world, including a large part of the US.

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Severe weather Machine Learning
The Growing Role of Machine Learning for Utilities

Using Machine Learning / AI can help prevent being caught off guard by unexpected outages, particularly when storms become severe.

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Hurricane turning digital
Hurricane Ian and the Power of Data

Learn how data-driven weather insights and machine learning can help utilities minimize cost and disruption when hurricanes strike.

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Hurricane on radar
Decoding Weather Data for Strategic Decision-Making

Why using data-driven weather intelligence and machine learning is helping utilities make agile, confident decisions to mitigate disruption.

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Blue tinted snow covered powerlines
Learning from the Blue Blizzard: Mitigating Snowstorm Impact on Utilities

Utility companies can learn how to plan ahead and minimize disruption caused by extreme snow storm events by looking at the Blue Blizzard example.

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Icicles hanging in front of Austin, Texas Sign
Ice Storm Mara: Lessons and Resilience Strategies for Utility Companies

Utility companies can learn the lessons from how storms have disrupted supply in the past. We look at 2023’s biggest ice storm an explain how this event can be used to inform future resilience planning.

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Storm Uri in Austin, Texas
Lessons Learned from Winter Storm Uri: Building Resilience in the Face of Extreme Cold

How utility companies can improve preparedness for the challenges of prolonged cold temperatures by looking at a past example.

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Hurricane Blog header
The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season: Hot Water Fuels More Monsters

Due to the significant impacts, hurricane seasons are met with concern and uncertainty. Learn about the 2023 season and recent trends around intense storms.

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Oil refineries and storage in Galveston Bay, TX
How Extreme Weather Disrupts the Oil and Gas Sector

The weather has significant effects on the entire oil and gas supply chain. See how different extreme weather events disrupt the sector.

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Excavator dark sky background
The Weather Intelligence Advantage in the Mining Industry

Discover how exceptional weather intelligence can optimize your mining operations every day and increase your site’s resilience for the future.

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Solar Panel field
Lightsource bp Leverages DTN Weather Intelligence to Reduce Risks

The solar industry is growing, and with it, the potential for weather risks. Find out how Lightsource bp uses weather intelligence to reduce hailstorm loss.

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German Utility Power Line with Storm Clouds
Putting Weather Intelligence to Work for Germany’s Utilities

From record heat to floods, climate change is increasing challenges for German utilities. Learn how technology improves responses up to seven days in advance.

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