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Blog header Aerial view of Farmer with tablet in cornfield
From Bag to Bin — Where Are We on the Agronomic Intelligence Timeline?

Since the dawn of agriculture, field-based insights have supported decisions that sustained human survival — and later business success.

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Combines Roll into 2022 Harvest

There appears to be little relief from the tight global grain supplies that we’ve talked about throughout 2022. USDA continues to predict the 2022-2023 season will result in some of the lowest U.S. corn stocks in 10 years, with the lowest soybean stocks in the past seven years and shortest wheat stocks in nine years.

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How To Use Business Intelligence When Marketing To Farmers

In 2022, harnessing data to streamline and improve business operations is hardly a new concept. But are you using current technology to its full advantage? Can you make better use of business intelligence in your farm marketing strategies?

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What You Should Know About A Farmer Before A Sales Call

You have an offering that can make a difference in a potential client’s life. To get the product into the customer’s hands, you need to be able to sell them on the benefits and features. And, as any experienced salesperson will say – preparation is essential if you want to succeed.

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Handling the Challenges Facing the Implementation of Digital Farming

Technology has also come to the world of agriculture. Digital agriculture is a powerful, essential tool for the agricultural world today. Today’s farmers are no longer at the mercy of variable weather conditions, pests, and inconsistent, outdated farming practices that limit crop and livestock production.

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Summer Crops Have a Long Way to Go

It may officially be summer, but the 2022 spring planting season continues to throw curveballs for the agriculture industry. DTN Editor-in-Chief Greg Horstmeier breaks down the numbers for you and takes a closer look at the challenges ahead.

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How Programmatic Advertising Works and Why It’s Essential for Ag Marketing

Effective and efficient in reaching highly targeted audiences, programmatic advertising dominates the U.S. digital ad marketplace. Learn why it should be in every ag marketer’s toolbox.

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What is Agribusiness’ Role in Supply Chain Management?

When it comes to agriculture, the need for insightful innovation is increasingly critical. From sourcing to end customer distribution, agribusiness companies are helping to streamline the agricultural supply chain.

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