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Underappreciated Last Mile in Refined Fuels Supply Chain

Fuel supply logistics have been in focus as we begin the summer driving season, accentuating a chronic shortage of drivers as the collision of growing gasoline demand and driver retirements during the pandemic threatens timely deliveries from wholesale terminals to retail outlets.

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Truckers Shift to Overdrive During Colonial Pipeline Outage

How quick action by Colonial and the entire downstream sector made one of the largest cyberattacks on energy infrastructure a short-lived event.

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Colonial Pipeline Disruption
A Voice of Reason Amid the Colonial Pipeline Hysteria

In the vast majority of the U.S., the current Colonial Pipeline outage is no threat to refined fuel supply and the only risk of a temporary retail station shortage is a result of irrational panic buying. See what our real-time fuel demand data says about your region.

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Understanding Recently Streamlined EPA Fuel Regulations

Recent changes to EPA rules for gasoline and diesel quality standards have left some fuel marketers confused. Our latest blog breaks down the changes and the reasons behind them to help you improve your understanding.

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Blog Natural Disasters
Three Ways To Ensure Service During Natural Disasters

Extreme weather events and natural disasters are the new normal. Learn three ways energy leaders can help ensure service when their customers and communities are counting on them.

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Strategies For Becoming A Fuel Buying Pro

Getting started in fuel buying can feel daunting. Unlike traditional stock market investments that can be bought and held for months or years as their values fluctuate, fuel is a physical product the value of which resides in its immediate availability; it cannot be stored for long. Its value can change by the minute,  due to the wide range of market forces that affect supply and demand.

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Commodity Markets Curb Their Enthusiasm as U.S. Dollar Pushes Higher

A potential turn in this consensus macro outlook that called for a weakening U.S. dollar has wide-ranging impacts across commodities and financial asset classes, and particularly for crude oil which is highly inversely correlated to the U.S. dollar.

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Protect Your Bottom Line With Accurate Fuel Allocation Data

When you work in an international industry with a high need for physical security, time is money. Manually tracking fuel allocation data at a terminal takes tremendous effort. What if you could save time instead of spending your time? 

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