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Understanding DTN Six Factors

DTN Six Factors demystifies price-risk management concepts often found intimidating by even the pros, see how in this informative white paper.

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame Stadium is an open-air stadium, meaning games are susceptible to interruption by severe weather. Officials needed an accurate weather solution to help them make quick decisions in the name of public safety.

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Using Actionable Insights to Weather Tough Decisions

For over 45 years, Mark Nowak has grown corn and soybeans near the town of Wells, on the same farm he was born and raised on. And for almost as long, he has served other area producers — first as a lender and ag banker, and now as an agronomic and marketing consultant.

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Vessel Insights API Brochure

This all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates with your current business processes, collecting and collating every bit of relevant information you need to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.
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Weather at Every Stage: How Accurate Weather Data Improves Efficiency for Offshore Wind Farms

Since their inception, wind farms have been dependent on the weather. The geographical concentration of wind power, typically required for offshore wind farms, leads to increased wind speed variability.

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Weather in the Margins Case Study

Discover how accurate weather forecasts helped a leading cable-laying company make tough calls during projects – and prevent financial losses.

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Weather Routing API

Optimize routes by time, fuel, or cost. Find the fastest way to your destination, use the least amount of fuel to reach the destination, or consider ECA fuels, daily hire, and additional costs in your routing calculation.

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WeatherOps for Ports and Terminals Brochure

Downtime due to adverse weather conditions causes significant disruption to port and terminal operations. It is a safety risk for port personnel and can cause substantial damage to assets.

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