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Essential Background for Understanding Climate Change and Associated Business Risks

Climate change could have an adverse effect on business continuity, profitability, and workplace safety. This paper highlights recent and oncoming changes, so that businesses can plan for growth and expansion through greater risk awareness.

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WeatherSentry Energy Edition – Brochure

Discover how clear and simple load forecasting decisions can be made with the help of accurate weather data and alerts with WeatherSentry Energy Edition from DTN.

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Innovative Storm Impact Analytics

An e-book dedicated to helping you meet key operational challenges.

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Storm Impact Analytics – Brochure

Customers, utility executives, and regulatory agencies all want the same thing — power that’s always on. When severe weather impacts service, they demand fast restoration.

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Preparing for Increased Weather Volatility

Up to 90 percent of load forecasting errors can be chalked up to inaccurate weather forecasts, resulting in costly over-generation of power.

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Smoother Rides Through Better Turbulence Forecasting

DTN has devoted years of research with some of the top scientists in the aviation weather community to arrive at the future of turbulence forecasting, vastly improving awareness of adverse weather for pilots, flight operations managers, and flight planners.

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Flight Route Alerting – Brochure

Determine if the weather and turbulence will be a factor for your fleet earlier than ever before with Flight Route Alerting from DTN. With advanced insights from the industry leader with 35 years of flight experience, you are assured that your flights will reach their destination safely, on time and on budget.

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AviationSentry Airline Edition – Brochure

Quickly and efficiently determine if flights can be completed safely anywhere in the world with single-click access to proprietary global aviation weather content with AviationSentry Airline Edition from DTN.

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