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ArcGIS Weather Data Service Sell Sheet

When it comes to weather-vulnerable operations, a lot is riding on your decisions. To quickly and confidently make the right call, you not only need timely and accurate information but being able to visualize potential impacts is also vital to ensuring appropriate actions.

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West of Scotland Consortium Case Study

For the past three years, the West of Scotland Consortium has used the RoadMaster solution from DTN for the task.

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Energy Events Index

The Energy Event Index (EEI), a licensed add-on to WeatherSentry®, is a categorical risk-based forecast for impactful weather hazards, including wind speed, wind gusts, lightning, heavy rains, snow, ice accretion, and wildfires. It provides forecasts three or five days out, which are updated once or twice each day.

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Keeping Britain Moving: Supporting Effective Winter Road Maintenance with Accurate Weather Data

Discover how four local authorities in the UK use accurate weather data to support road maintenance decisions.

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Achieve safer, cheaper shipping with optimized weather routing

Remko Vermeer, one of the former seafarers employed in the continuous shift service at DTN, is more than familiar with weather information and weather routing from experience.

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Choosing the Right Mix of Forecasts for Offshore Planning

Getting a reliable mid-term picture of the weather can affect a company’s bottom line. See how you can gain forecast confidence beyond the standard period of accuracy.

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The Power of Five Teams

For optimized weather routing and weather guidance in shipping, you need a team of people. One person alone cannot do everything that’s needed. Or, at least, they can’t if you want to do it right.

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Keep Britain Moving

Automotive and tech industries alike are fully committed to delivering self-driving cars. Vehicles with ‘limited autonomy’ – driving themselves under certain conditions – should be on all our roads within the next five years.

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