Short-term Weather Modeling Available in ArcGIS

Advances in weather modeling in recent years have placed focus on high-resolution, short-term weather forecasts. There are forecasts that cover the following 18-36 hours. The forecasts provide a detailed prediction of hazardous weather threats including mapping future radar imagery over the next 18 hours.

WDT has created the ability to serve this data to users from its ArcGIS server as a feature service for quick integration into mapping applications to assess short-term risks to valuable assets. This layer is one of over 140 valuable weather layers available from WeatherOps for GIS use.

storm moving towards wichita future weather map

The image above depicts a potent complex of storms moving towards Wichita, Kansas 8 hours into the future on Monday, June 11. If you have any outdoor events coming up, think of how helpful it will be to know what is coming, providing you time to plan an evacuation hours ahead of time, should one be necessary.