Streamline Vessel Performance And Stay Competitive In The Market

To survive and thrive in this increasingly competitive and consolidated shipping sector, your shipping company must look to streamline vessel and fleet performance. This goal can be reached through efficient and effective vessel performance monitoring.

With Vessel Insights API, you can consistently make the right decisions for individual vessels or the entire fleet. This Application Programming Interface solution can be easily integrated with your existing processes. Vessel Insights API continuously collects vessel data, quality checks and organizes all relevant information you need for intelligent, data-driven decisions, helping you streamline your vessel performance and stay competitive in the market.


Why shipping operations, in general, need to be streamlined

The shipping industry, ship owners, and fleet managers must all confront significant challenges to keep up in the fast-changing shipping landscape. Many of these changes affect the economic, environmental, and political elements in your company’s sphere of operations. 

Continual changes in regulations and ongoing market fluctuations must also figure into planning and strategy at the highest levels.

With this set of unique challenges, shipping company executives must lead innovation. Incorporating suitable digital applications to increase vessel efficiency and streamline operations will guarantee your company’s continued prosperity in a complex world.

Technology can help you streamline your vessel and fleet performance, including decreasing fuel consumption and increasing energy efficiency. Decisions based on real-time performance data will serve to lower your overall operating costs.

Ship in port with digital points

How digitalization can help

Digitalization gives maritime sector the chance to benefit from innovations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, and cloud computing solutions. These technological advances can be leveraged to streamline the performance of your vessels and fleet.

To understand how digitalization has the potential to help you streamline and stay competitive, start with a look at your current processes and assess your present needs. Think about the following questions:

  • What categories of data do you presently collect?
  • Who uses the data and for what purpose?
  • Is the data of high quality? (Is it checked, cleaned, and verified?)

It is also beneficial to think about future operational goals and how the data you capture could be useful to the future version of your company. Think about the following questions:

  • What areas will benefit most from this data?
  • How could it be used to reach future business goals?

It is also important not to neglect the process of determining how additional technology serves the overall goals set by your management team. 

An adequately laid foundation of data will make for better quality decision-making and quicker consensus among participants in those decisions. Those choices regarding the correct applications to incorporate into your business will facilitate moving forward with digitalization, and the resulting benefits will speak for themselves.

Getting the most benefit out of digitalization must start with acknowledging how vital data will be in the progress of your organization. The importance of accurate and comprehensible data needs to be embraced not just by certain tech-savvy individuals but the entire organization. 

A culture of recognizing the power of data, and integrating it at all levels of your organization, will be critical to your company’s success as you prepare to meet the challenges faced by shipping interests in the dynamic market.

Vessel fleet

How streamlined vessel performance helps you stay competitive

Successfully managing a fleet and running each vessel at peak efficiency in a modern marketplace of steeply rising costs is no small task. To do this efficiently and, at the same time, meet environmental standards is even more challenging.

Ship performance monitoring provides fleet managers with actionable insights into their fleet’s operation and clearly shows where changes can be made to stay competitive.

For any shipping company to stay on top in today’s ultra-competitive market, executives must consider more than just the dollars and cents of fuel and operating costs. Your fleet needs to work smarter, be more efficient, and move strategically. In general, the shipping industry is beginning to make the transition from cumbersome and admin-heavy processes to full digitalization. To fully benefit from this transition, there has to be a way to share data between ship and shore effectively.

Technology plays an essential role in connecting your vessel with your team onshore. Vessel Insights API by DTN is an Application Programming Interface that enables you to streamline transferring your data, the data collected in connection with individual vessels, from ship to shore.

The API will also ensure that the quality checked data is enriched with track information and crucial weather insights, is of the optimum quality for your purposes. The API facilitates accurate reporting and, even more importantly, it also enables good decision-making.

Case studies show that an effective ship performance monitoring system depends greatly on the quality of the data acquired and its management. The data must be evaluated and understood in light of the variable circumstances affecting the vessel when it was collected.

It is good decision-making that ultimately affects vessel performance and profitability. You will succeed and prosper when you have good quality data to inform your decision-making.

Cargo ship

Facing the Future of Shipping 

The future of shipping is changing. It is only possible to maximize vessel performance in the face of present challenges like extreme weather and to navigate new environmental regulations if you have access to quality data. 

Your company’s future prosperity is only assured if you have built up a database and have ongoing real-time access to accurate data about your fleet’s performance.

Meeting the sustainability targets of IMO 2030 and 2050 will also depend on having not just any data but quality data. You need this kind of quality data at your fingertips now and consistently in the future to continue your thought leadership and reach management goals.

Now you can be assured of optimal decision-making at the ship or fleet level with Vessel Insights API by DTN. 

This is an all-in-one solution that our team of experts will integrate into your existing processes. Then, by collecting and collating massive amounts of relevant information, you will have the actionable insights you need to make timely decisions, streamline your vessel performance and stay competitive in the market.