PROBLEM: Mother Nature and outdated infrastructure put your community at risk

Aging dams and levees throughout the nation put unsuspecting citizens in danger. Extreme weather events place tremendous pressure on infrastructure in need of repair. Hurricanes and flooding can turn your town into a dangerous zone in the blink of an eye. Dam and levee safety is a critical piece of any city’s emergency plan. If you don’t have tools to help you predict incoming hydrometeorological problems, your community could be in trouble.

On top of the critical safety concerns, dam and levee failures bring catastrophic economic consequences. From homes and businesses to government buildings, a burst dam or breached levee could unmoor everything. The financial devastation may be nearly impossible to overcome for years or even decades. Without data and analyses to help prevent this situation, your region could be at significant risk of a disaster.

SOLUTION: Reliable data puts you in the driver’s seat

The DTN array of products and specialized meteorological engineers compiles robust information for your decision-making, whether it be professional service projects/studies or near real-time precipitation analytics. Our comprehensive precipitation databases, innovative software systems and deep technical knowledge provides you the best extreme precipitation analytics.

Our extreme storm and precipitation database forms the foundation of our precipitation frequency and storm analyses. Precipitation studies and monitoring are critical pieces of for the successful, safe and optimized operation of hydrologic infrastructure. With our information, you can make informed decisions with respect to dam and levee expenditures based on objective studies of hydrometeorological risks and probabilities of extreme events. Leverage professional service projects with real-time precipitation data to provide actionable insights that allow you to take confident action for your community.

Rely on DTN for valuable hydrometeorological products and services to meet your complex needs when seeking to determine the rarity of extreme weather events, quantify hydrologic risks, and monitor precipitation in real-time while maximizing public safety through lasting, honest, and reliable business relationships.

Our Dam & Levee Products

precipitation frequency product card
Precipitation Frequency

DTN brings a unique level of experience in computing rare precipitation frequency estimates. This data is for use in hydrologic hazard studies to determine dam safety and integrity.

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metportal product card

The MetPortal™ online interfaces from DTN provide access to precipitation statistics, analytics, maps, and more. We have several different interfaces, and each one features customized data for supporting particular industries or projects. You do not need a one-size-fits-all product. Rather, you deserve a solution that works specifically for you.

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metstorm product card
MetStorm® Post-Storm Precipitation Analysis

The DTN MetStorm system is the next generation of storm precipitation analysis software used to produce high-resolution precipitation maps/grids for a variety of purposes, including extreme precipitation studies (PMP and Precipitation Frequency), media inquiries, hydrologic modeling calibration/validation, forensic cases, insurance claims, emergency management and situational awareness.

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aep calculator product card
AEP Calculator

Have you ever wondered just how rare a certain rainfall event is in your area? The tool takes a user-supplied precipitation value, at a given location for a certain duration and converts it into an equivalent AEP value/probability. Or you can provide an AEP and the calculator will compute the equivalent precipitation (in inches or mm).

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Product Card Forensic Meteological Services
Forensic Meteorological Services

DTN Forensic Services supports weather and climate-related litigation with strategic, sound and articulate reports that conveys the facts about the weather associated with a legal matter.

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