Meteorological Consulting for Helicopters

Our Meteorologists Know Helicopters

With DTN you get the most accurate weather information from the largest team of meteorological experts. Our team of more than 70 experienced meteorologists work around the clock to create the industry's most accurate flight forecasts.


Meteorology consulting for the helicopter industry.

Professional weather consultation is becoming increasingly important for helicopter operations. Trust our expert meteorologists to discuss the what, where, why and how behind the weather and their forecasts and consult on difficult weather decisions.

  • 70 Professional Meteorologists in 3 global operations centers
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support online and by phone
  • Seven Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCMs)


Increased confidence in go / no-go decisions.

Consult with our professional meteorologists to better predict when and where severe weather will affect your flights. Take action sooner and devise routes based on our forecasts and recommendations.

  • Get where you need to be through faster briefing and decision-making.
  • Save time and increase revenue by being able to take more flights.
  • Reduce financial loss by avoiding non-billable turnarounds and unnecessary hangar movements.

At any time, you can consult with one of our meteorologists online or over the phone to answer your most pressing weather-related questions. You need professional weather insight, know that DTN is always here for you.

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