DTN Ag Weather Station

Use weather data from your operation, not a reporting station miles away

You know that weather information is critical to your operation, but did you know that the nearest weather reporting station might be dozens of miles away, at an airport or major city? This can greatly impact the accuracy and relevancy of the information you rely on.

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Use the DTN Ag Weather Station Network to time your tasks efficiently, saving your bottom line.

  • Records lots/pasture-level weather and agronomic data
  • Delivers precise, current conditions
  • Supplies industry-leading weather forecasts
  • Generates field/pasture level weather alerts


Know exactly what will happen in your own field at any time.

  • Protect your livestock – helps reduce illness & loss by being more proactive
  • Resource allocation – helps determine best placement of labor, equipment, chemicals, & irrigation
  • Potential feedstuffs boost – third-party research showed a 5.5 bu/acre increase in corn yields from better-timed chemical applications

With a DTN Ag Weather Station you can feel confident that you are protecting your operation with the most localized and up to date weather information.

dtn ag weather station console on mobile device