Centralized weather intelligence to elevate your mine’s safety and operational efficiency.

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Miningzone presents all your critical meteorological and environmental data on a customizable interface. Your site and remote operations teams can access the concise weather insights that drive confident decision-making.

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Your weather and environmental decision-support solution

Access the data to facilitate efficient and cost-effective operational outcomes, whether you are staring down a storm cell, planning a blast, or working out the optimal time for maintenance.

Comprehensive intelligence to optimize your operations – Miningzone gives you access to multiple solutions, including customized operational forecasts, our hyperlocal forecasting solution (Opticast®), blast dispersion modeling, Stormtracker GIS mapping, and severe weather alerting. Additionally, our mining products can also be easily integrated.

Purpose-built for the mining industry – user-friendly and industry-specific, Miningzone is designed to serve your company’s individual needs. Customize your dashboard with the elements you need to view daily and gain GIS severe weather tracking, alerts, and analytics.

Driven by an industry-leading forecasting solution – Opticast is the forecasting foundation of Miningzone. With grid points at every 6kms across the globe, its ability to pinpoint your mine’s real-time and projected conditions is unparalleled.

Operational forecasts to drive planning and productivity – operational forecasts are customized to your thresholds and procedural requirements. Distinct traffic light daily coding and real-time alerts ensure you immediately see when and to what extent weather may affect your operations. View weekly forecasts, 12-hour blocks, or drill down to 1-hour resolution to inform your risk communications and mitigation.

Simple integration with your existing systems – Miningzone easily integrates into your operational control or SCADA systems, so it can begin working for you quickly.

Identify approaching severe weather quickly – the powerful combination of Opticast forecasting and Stormtracker GIS mapping on your dashboard gives you a clear view of approaching adverse conditions. Storms are mapped across your site and infrastructure, so you can track impacts and launch a targeted response.

Customizable alerting and data delivery – customize your alerts to your existing proximity thresholds and Trigger Action Response Plans. Alerts are delivered via Miningzone, email, SMS and our dedicated business app, Weatherguard. Choose from over 60 meteorological plug-ins for your dashboard to fulfill your specific requirements.

Secured access to sensitive data – Miningzone is IP restricted and secured via a log-in and password. You choose who has access to the interface to keep your sensitive data and operational details strictly confidential.

Easily visualized data to improve situational awareness – our intuitive system distills complex forecasting and modeling into clear graphics and alerts. Streamline and optimize the comprehension of weather and environmental impacts.

Effective and timely delivery of information – comprehensive weather parameters and alerts are delivered in real-time to support your most immediate operational decisions.

Trusted and proven solution – Miningzone is deployed at over 400 mines globally, so you can trust that the system delivers results.

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Save valuable time with centralized solutions

Simplify your day-to-day monitoring, planning, and decisions, as you operate efficiently from Miningzone’s dashboard. Disseminate relevant data to your personnel, giving them complete, real-time visualization.

Improve cohesive situational awareness, sitewide – ensure your entire team can access crucial weather information exactly when needed, 365 days a year.

Identify approaching adverse weather conditions quickly – with Stormtracker’s GIS maps embedded in the interface, you can track storm fronts and their impact on your site and infrastructure. This mine-specific detail facilitates a quick and focused decision-making process.

Utilize operational forecasts to simplify planning – you need to be able to see, at a glance, where adverse weather may affect your productivity and scheduling. With precise, color-coded operational forecasts to clarify the risk, you have clear communication and complete foresight to inform your daily operations.

Plan your critical project or shutdown campaigns in advance – Opticast delivers high-precision weather insights out to 14 days. Confidently identify appropriate weather windows to schedule key projects or maintenance.

Streamline your critical decision-making with actionable insights – there is no need to decipher complex weather data — we do that for you. We offer clear visualization and tailored insights to support your operational response.

Gain accurate lightning alerting – lightning presents a massive risk to life and assets, but handheld and single-site sensors cannot adequately deliver onsite safety. We provide world-class, accurate lightning detection to <200m, with real-time alerting to keep your team aware and safe.

Improve health, safety, and environmental outcomes – our blast dispersion modeling identifies projected and actual pollutant levels. It designates blast exclusion zones to safeguard your teams and surrounding communities.

Access auditable historical reporting – across our range of products, you benefit from historical reporting. You can analyze projected outcomes for blasting and use past scenarios to improve safety and operational planning. Also, access storm impact reports with time-stamped lightning data to assist in risk analysis and insurance claims.

Rely on precise data to support your response – Opticast is the driving force behind Miningzone’s forecasting. This means your decisions are based on the most accurate and meticulously analyzed data available for your minesite. Leave nothing to chance.

You couldn’t be in better hands. We ensure we understand your operational and safety risks and take a consultative approach to meet and exceed your data requirements. It’s our mission to make your everyday operations as safe and efficient as possible. We provide in-depth data and analytics to fuel your planning, execution, and response. Weather poses risks, but together we can manage and mitigate them.

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