WeatherSentry® Sports Edition

Keeping your Athletes and Spectators Safe by Staying Ahead of the Storm

Extreme heat, lightning strikes, and sudden storms put participants and spectators at significant risk. In the blink of an eye, weather can turn game day from exciting to dangerous. At a moment’s notice, you have to make a decision. Since you can’t control the weather, DTN offers the next best thing. Now, you have WeatherSentry tracking dangerous conditions with lightning detection, storm corridors, Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT), actionable alerts and more.


WeatherSentry offers accurate insights into weather threats headed your way.

Fully-customizable for your location and needs, WeatherSentry provides you with the solution you need for inclement weather challenges. You receive precise weather information for careful planning and safety practices.

The full-screen display of weather-enhanced maps and graphical layers provide unmatched visualization of weather risks for up to 15 days. The system also gives you hourly forecasts for the next 72 hours for your specific site. You will have the capability to make faster, better-informed decisions for the coaches, athletes, spectators, and staff that you serve.

You receive real-time local storm reports to provide you with better visibility into high-impact weather in your area. First-hand accounts ensure you have current, accurate information. WeatherSentry provides you with tremendous tools:

  • Single Dashboard – With layers of comprehensive weather intelligence, a single dashboard gives current conditions, forecasts, and alerts down to the venue level.
  • Real-Time – Displays of real-time global precision lightning strike detection let you visualize the proximity of strikes to your fields or event areas.
  • Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature Forecasts – WBGT gives alerts, forecasts, and accurate risk assessments during times of excessive heat. The WBGT is more precise and informative than the heat index.
  • Customizable Alerts – Receive alerts based on up to 50 weather parameters. WeatherSentry will let you know when dangerous conditions arise based on your specific location and will offer actions to take for safety.
  • 36 Hour Advance Warning – Monitor conditions 36 hours before your event. Choose which weather events are most crucial to your safety needs, such as lightning or excessive heat.
  • All Clear Alert – Receive an alert when it’s safe to resume practice or play.
  • Storm Corridor Maps – Know where the severe weather is, where it is moving in the next 30 minutes and the storm’s ETA for your specific venue and location.
  • GPS Based Forecasts – Alerts for your exact location are available through mobile apps.
  • Meteorological Consulting – Request professional insight when making important decisions. Take advantage of this 24/7 every day of the year.


WeatherSentry is accurate, patented, and backed by live meteorologists.

WeatherSentry provides industry-leading insight that allows athletes, spectators, and staff to track dangerous weather conditions. The families and partners you serve will love the peace of mind that comes with this technology.

As a coach, manager, or league coordinator, you will appreciate:

  • Knowing precisely when and where to expect adverse weather conditions so you can keep players, staff, and event spectators safe.
  • Knowing when to schedule games, practices, and tournaments.
  • Being able to make confident decisions thanks to exclusive online consultations with our experienced meteorologists.
  • Having access to the most accurate temperature and precipitation forecasts for the last ten consecutive years. Independent ratings support our accuracy claims.
  • Optimizing your operations during weather events that may impact your players, spectators, and staff. You can trust the patented, customizable weather alerts for your exact location.
  • Ensuring the highest level of safety and service for everyone involved in your team, league, or event.

WeatherSentry Sports Edition Frequently Asked Questions

You can use WeatherSentry without limitations or restrictions for seven days. Once you’re ready to sign up for continued use, rest assured that all of your settings, feeds, and alerts will remain intact, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Yes, you can download WeatherSentry’s companion App to your smartphone or tablet from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Mobile devices serve as additional GPS positions in the platform.

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For coaches, managers, and league administrators, WeatherSentry Sports Edition is the only tool you need to monitor severe weather. Use precise information on storms, lightning, and excessive heat. Know if and when a storm is approaching your area. so you can keep your participants safe.