AviationSentry® Airline Edition

Manage weather risk with advanced aviation weather analytics from DTN.

AviationSentry Airline Edition provides accurate weather forecasts, industry-leading 4D alerting, and expert route recommendations. Choose the fastest and safest routes, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costly re-directs and canceled flights with this powerful suite of tools from DTN.


Experience unmatched aviation weather intelligence and data visualization.

AviationSentry Airline Edition gives real-time access to critical weather information, including lightning, icing, turbulence, thunderstorm activity, as well as our exclusive patented flight hazard data. Information you need that you can’t get anywhere else to make your flights safer and more efficient.

Our interactive dynamic layering technology shows pilots and ground crews all relevant data on one dashboard, conveniently displayed for intelligent decision-making and unmatched visualization.

  • Single Interface – See critical flight information, such as METARs, PIREPs, NOTAMs, and TAFs, on a dynamic screen that you can customize.
  • Real-time Conditions – Conditions change during flight.  Keep up with the weather through real-time updates.
  • Patented Flight Hazard Data – Aggregate pertinent weather information such as thunderstorm activity, lightning, icing, turbulence, etc. and analyze it quickly to predict impact on your flight.
  • Long-Term Planning – Forecast conditions up to 10 days out, for traffic planning.
  • Adaptive Scheduling – Use hourly outlooks for up to 72 hours to adjust resources.
  • Multi-Level Altitude Forecasts – Forecasts available at 22 levels ensures visibility of potential hazards across all major flight cruising levels.
  • Customizable Alerts – Location-specific alerts for items you choose provides instant access to pertinent weather situations that could affect your flight.
  • Comprehensive Suite – AviationSentry Airline Edition provides access to trip planning tools, route briefs, airport briefs, and a meteorological consulting forum.


Accurate, patented solutions backed by the industry’s top meteorologists lead to safer flights and more efficient operations.

AviationSentry Airline Edition allows pilots and airport personnel to quickly and efficiently determine if flights can be completed safely anywhere in the world. With a single click, you’ll have immediate access to proprietary global aviation weather content, optimized through sophisticated meteorological models, and backed by the industry’s top-ranked meteorologists and analysts for a decade running.

Join countless other airports, including 50 of the nation’s busiest, who rely on AviationSentry to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently. When the skies turn hostile, use AviationSentry to:

  • Protect your passengers and crew with real-time weather information and alerts.
  • Improve your bottom-line by reducing diversions and canceled flights.
  • Increase your confidence in your flight decisions knowing you are backed by the expertise of 70 top-ranked meteorologists.
  • Save time and maximize efficiency by quickly locating pertinent weather and flight information.
  • Access all major cruising altitude levels to know the precise conditions for flight.
  • Advise pilots about turbulence around the globe, leading to safer, more comfortable, and more fuel-efficient flights.
  • Plan better flight routes and traffic control.
  • Avoid weather threats when possible, and mitigate the risk of others.

AviationSentry Airline Edition Frequently Asked Questions

You can use AviationSentry without limitations or restrictions for 7 days. Once you’re ready to sign up to continue to use the platform rest assured that all of your settings, feeds, and alerts will remain intact keeping your operations running smoothly.

You need precise, real-time, aviation-specific weather intelligence to make the best decisions to protect your crew, your passengers, and your profits. Trust AviationSentry Airline Edition to provide the data you need to optimize your flight decisions for the comfort and safety of your passengers and crew. Improve your efficiency and bottom-line with the industry’s most accurate and reliable weather data.

Start your free trial to see how data should be: easy to access, easy to interpret, easy to justify.