Offshore Forecast Services

Offshore Forecast Services 24/7 for an entire Project Life Cycle, globally

Proactively plan your operations and make more confident decisions with robust, easy-to-understand forecasts, including wind, wave, and swell information, accessible by web portal or API.

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Customizable, flexible and easy to understand offshore forecast reports

These simple, flexible and easy to understand marine weather forecast products allow clients to manage their weather risk confidently at every project phase.

  • Fixed Location Forecasts: Easily configured to your needs, you can choose any weather parameter from our proprietary metocean forecast models at any temporal resolution up to 10 days out. Choose from PDF, text, CSV, XML, and JSON through email, FTP, or API delivery.
  • Offshore Site Forecast API: Support your in-house applications and analysis toolsets with direct, digital copies of all your hourly forecast data.
  • Towing & Route Forecasts: Adapted to your project need, towing and route forecasts provide high resolution forecasts for planning a route.
  • Long-Range Ensemble Forecasts: Long-range forecasts allow you to confidently plan your operations up to 15 days ahead. With ensemble data, to ensure you are working with the most accurate information at all times.
  • 2D Spectral Wave Data: Strengthen your vessel motion and workability forecasts with our high-resolution, full-spectral wave forecast data, native to our proprietary modeling system, for any location worldwide.
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Highly accurate weather forecasts delivered 24/7 to any site, platform or wind farm project, globally

Accurate weather forecast plays a pivotal role in alleviating efficiency and reducing costs in offshore phase wide operations. DTN offshore forecasts empower clients to handle weather risk, plan better and execute operations by managing the available weather window.

  • Ensure that all marine data is in sync with your DTN offshore solutions.
  • Enhance your operations with the most current, real-time insights provided by our proprietary marine forecasting capabilities and in-house marine weather modeling.
  • A complete and comprehensive marine weather forecast product portfolio allows you to make confident operational decisions well in advance.
  • All forecast products are flexible and configurable so that they can be tailored to your exact operational needs.
  • Support from our 24/7 operational weather room and support team to help you in any decision making.

We are one of the biggest metocean forecasting divisions in the world with over 30 years experience in providing forecasting services to the offshore industry.

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