OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution

Reduce weather safety risks at vulnerable locations, such as golf courses, schools, sporting fields, area parks, and more.

Thunderstorms and lightning can occur rapidly with little warning, sometimes catching key safety decision-makers off guard. If you are responsible for adults or children playing, practicing, working, or enjoying the outdoors as inclement weather approaches, you must be fully aware of potential hazards and have an evacuation plan ready. This is where the DTN OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution can help.

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A timely, accurate, and easy-to-use alerting system

When managing outdoor events and activities, you cannot only rely on your mobile device or computer to quickly deliver critical weather safety information. The DTN OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution helps ensure mass, on-site notification of approaching hazards.

  • OnGuard includes three multi-directional sirens and a dual-color omni-directional beacon with various mounting options.
  • It offers several different alarm tones and two distinct beacon colors.
  • It features a sound output of 1,000 feet for 97 dB at 100 feet.
  • The sirens and beacon tie into our WeatherSentry® system, which triggers the siren system for a preset timeframe.
  • The sirens are maintenance-free for their lifetime.
  • Easily set up a custom location and preset siren alerting criteria.
  • Siren alerts include:
    • Lightning – advisory, caution, and warning ranges, as well as all-clear notifications.
    • Severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings – community and county-based.
  • These customizable alerts can activate the system’s beacon and/or sirens to notify everyone in the immediate area to move to safety.
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Stay safe. Proactively plan and quickly implement outdoor evacuations.

Monitoring the weather forecast and current conditions is only part of your job; you also must be on top of developing hazards. Early awareness provides valuable time to enact your pre-planned safety protocols and move people to secure locations, quickly and calmly.

  • Ensure the safety of players, guests, staff, and assets.
  • Clearly communicate the dangers of approaching weather and quickly move people to safety based on your specific guidelines and outdoor evacuation plans.
  • Make timely, confident decisions with data from the world’s best lighting detection networks.
  • Be compliant with regulatory, safety, or athletic sanctioning body rules and guidelines.
  • Increase your credibility with stakeholders by validating your decision to cancel or delay an event or activity.
  • Reduce the risk of unnecessary delays or cancelations; only stopping events or activities when conditions warrant increases public confidence in your decisions.
  • Enjoy alerting continuity across multiple devices and DTN solutions for greater coordination and value.

Listen to the Siren

**Warning: please turn your volume down when listening to the tone**

OnGuard frequently asked questions

OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution is an add-on offering that connects to WeatherSentry’s patented alerting capabilities. WeatherSentry’s uptime is 100% and the sirens require no maintenance.

Questions can be directed to our customer support team.

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Onguard Siren

Increase lightning and severe weather safety with fast, actionable on-site alerting for your event or venue.

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