Temperature Correction Index

Protect your bottom line with true terminal product temperature insights at loading.

Since fuel expands and contracts with the temperature, you could be giving away valuable volume with each sale. To protect your bottom line, access to actual terminal product temperature data — not estimates — is essential. Get it with the Temperature Correction Index from DTN.

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Get actual product temperatures

The Temperature Correction Index is the industry’s best source of genuine, accurate temperature correction information.

  • Get actual product temperatures, at lifting, for a specific terminal
  • Receive values for four different time periods, plus a 24-hour average
  • Information is delivered by 3 p.m. central time each day, including weekends
  • Current data is available for more than 800 U.S. locations
  • Access up to three years of historical data
  • Output data into spreadsheets and back office applications


Reduce your price risk

With the solution, you get timely and reliable insights to help you make more confident pricing decisions.

  • Minimize your financial exposure
  • Correctly price deals at each terminal
  • Enhance your analysis
  • Better spot trends
  • Easily maximize your data
  • Partner with a trusted vendor in the downstream market

Temperature Correction Index

Discover why DTN is in a unique position to deliver true product temperature insights from nearly every U.S. terminal — and the difference this can mean for your business.

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