MetConsole Runway Condition Information System (RCIS)

Better assess and report on the runway surface conditions

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The primary cause of runway excursions and poor landing efficiency are contaminated runways. You can mitigate these and other weather-related issues with real-time information that supports timely, accurate decisions.

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MetConsole RCIS is ideal for airports interested in monitoring runway surfaces

MetConsole RCIS is ideal for airports interested in monitoring runway surfaces.

The system provides real-time runway surface conditions based on the measurements it collects from field instruments.

Through its unique insights, you can make decisions that minimize runway excursions and aquaplaning-related risks. In addition, MetConsole RCIS helps identify runway maintenance needs.

The solution complies with ICAO Annex 14 and ICOA Doc 9981 by reporting and broadcasting standard aeronautical messages. The latter defines the Global Reporting Format (GRF) as the method for reporting runway conditions, translated to a Runway Condition Code (RWYCC) using a Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM).

MetConsole RCIS supports Airport operators in the real-time assessment of the runway conditions.

In cold weather, it provides the freezing level and evaluates whether chemicals against icing conditions may be required.

In warm areas, having detailed information on wet contamination and tracking water accumulation lead to superior real-time decisions.

In combination with MetConsole AWOS/ATIS, its automated system allows information to flow to pilots through broadcasted and digital ATIS and VOLMETs.

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MetConsole RCIS provides the capabilities of an aviation weather suite.

MetConsole RCIS provides the capabilities of an aviation weather suite.

  • Sensor independence. With MetConsole RCIS, you can choose the sensor brand that best suits your operations and budget. The system integrates with a wide range of third-party sources for a convenient, centralized platform.
  • Custom experiences. Its built-in screen editor and several powerful APIs support a tailor-made user experience. User rights and layouts can be changed with just one click.
  • Highly scalable. With its modular architecture and modern technology frameworks, MetConsole RCIS is highly adaptable. It can meet your evolving needs over its lifetime, allowing you to upgrade or change the scope with a simple configuration.
  • Specific. Collect meteorological data from field instruments. Perform calculations and aggregations on the data and apply quality control and validation. Generate alerts, deliver aeronautical reports and store historical data. MetConsole is backed by decades of experience and expertise in delivering all of the features that users need.
  • Maintainable. MetConsole includes a built-in set of user friendly tools for technicians and administrators. This includes sensor status, alarm monitoring, communications analyzer, event log, data flow diagrams, and much more.

For more than 40 years, airports have relied on advanced weather systems from DTN. Around the world, more than 350 airports trust our state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly applications to support critical decisions. Our high-value solutions comply with the most rigorous standards worldwide and you can expect excellence in all stages of your project, driven by our talented, cross-functional team.