DTN Grain Portal™

Buy, sell, and hedge from wherever you are 24/7.

Simplify and optimize the grain trading process with DTN Grain Portal. See bids, accept offers, buy or sell grain, or hedge your positions any time, anywhere.


Connect with the market, hedge your positions, and maximize your spreads.

If there is one thing that is constant about agriculture futures on the market, it’s that they are constantly changing. You need to be aware of new information and trends quickly, so you can adapt appropriately.

Know what is happening in the global grain markets at the touch of a button. Be the first to know about market changes that could earn you profits or protect you from a loss in the event of a downturn. Compare offers from multiple farmers and make informed and smart decisions that boost your earnings. Spot trends and plan your positions for months or even years in advance.

Be in control of your corner of the grain market with DTN Grain Portal. It’s your window into the grain markets, and it’s open whenever you need it to be.

  • Agile – Optimize your grain origination with online offers from farmers 24/7.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard – Manage and accept grain offers from your desktop dashboard.
  • Auto-Hedging – Control order execution on trading platforms with auto-hedging.
  • Portal Connection – Connect with all registered futures commission merchant (FCM) via the Portal.
  • Long Term Scheduling – Schedule bids as far as 48 months out.
  • Private Bidding – Establish private bids to maximize your grain buying margins.
  • Integrated Communications – Target your marketing emails and text messages with integrated communications tools.
  • Basis Tracking – Automate hedge order cancellations and replacements as your basis changes.
  • Efficient – Save time and money by working more quickly and efficiently.
  • Larger Circle of Influence – Expand your grain buying radius to reach more farmers.
  • Effortlessly create an automated second-leg offer based on your agreed-upon first offer with our optional basis-first contracts feature.
Iowa Corn Pours into a Grain Unloading Area


A concise yet comprehensive grain market dashboard.

With DTN Grain Portal, you’ll have a clear picture of what opportunities and possible pitfalls are at your door. Open the integrated dashboard to see offers from producers at any time of day or night. Optimize your growers’ trading and provide reliable market advice to your channel. Be in control of your bids, buys, and hedges by monitoring and executing your positions from DTN Grain Portal.

Use DTN Grain Portal to:

  • Streamline and simplify the entire grain trading process.
  • Centralize all offers for quick review and comparison.
  • Optimize and protect your own and your growers’ bottom lines through integrated hedging.
  • Manage transactions in real-time.
  • Allow customers to maximize cash marketing.
  • Drive efficiency for everyone involved at all levels of the trading process.
  • Stay engaged with individual producers by immediately giving them another trading option with our optional basis-first contracts feature.

DTN Six Factors can help reduce your risks

This unique model provides critical clues and unbiased assessments that shows you where prices may be headed. Successfully approach the markets every day by pairing it with DTN Grain Portal.

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Six Factors Infographic

Put the power of the agribusiness’s most trusted front-end system for grain trading to work for you with DTN Grain Portal. Stay on top of your hedge management and make smart investing decisions with all the information and execution you need in a single interface.

Don’t let market opportunities pass you by. Try our free demo and take control of your trading with DTN Grain Portal today.

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