Meteorological Modeling and Consultancy Services

Protect your mine site and operations with on-call weather threat analysis

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Receive tailored meteorological briefings and analytics for incoming weather events likely to impact your site. Our experts support your risk management and monitor conditions on site 365 days a year.

Mining Onsite Workers Features Benefits


On-demand briefings to facilitate urgent decision-making

Keep your business prepared and proactive in the face of severe weather risks. Your defined safety and operational parameters are taken into account as our meteorologists conduct continual weather analyses.

Tailored mine and operation-specific insights – working with the existing severe weather thresholds and probabilities you provide, our mining-specialist meteorologists deliver customized insights that translate into clear, decisive action.

Full overview of your current systems and requirements – receive a thorough assessment of your weather monitoring and forecasting requirements. Tailored products are provided to boost your efficiency and accuracy. We advise on climate risk to assets so that you can develop a long-term financial plan for maintenance and replacement.

On-demand analytics and guidance – you can contact our meteorologists for advice 365 days a year. Whatever the weather, we are always there when you need clarity and insights.

Seven-day forecast panels with clear alerts – identify periods of severe weather exceeding your thresholds. In addition to Opticast’s day-to-day forecasting, our specialist meteorologists add red alerts to weekly forecasts. These red alerts include commentary specific to your operations and location so you can more efficiently manage your risks.

Site-focused, long-range forecasts and seasonal outlooks – optimize your long-term operational and safety planning with our hyperlocal, long-range forecasts and analytics.

Comprehensive intelligence made simple – take the guesswork out of making decisions. Our in-depth analysis of forecast events is translated into clear, actionable insights. We keep it simple so you can rapidly and confidently make informed decisions.

Storm Forming Features Benefits


Respond decisively when severe weather hits

Cyclone, flood, or storm: we are here to support your risk mitigation and response. Save time and energy as we provide targeted guidance to lead you through complex situations.

Identify large-scale threats to your operations – threats to your mine are identified in advance as our meteorologists continually analyze potential risks. Gain much-needed lead time to plan and execute your response to safeguard your people and assets.

Get assistance when you need it the most – whether you are in the thick of catastrophic conditions or see them on the horizon, we are here to advise on the clearest path of action.

Save time on complex weather analysis – we crunch the meteorological data and break down the timeline so you can concentrate on effectively managing your site preparations and response.

Gain continual monitoring to protect your site – our service constantly monitors weather risks for your site and operations. You can feel confident knowing our fingers are on the pulse 365 days a year, and we will alert you when your attention is required.

Streamline your planning and scheduling – we work together to optimize your weather equipment, data systems, and reporting capacity. By doing so, you can more efficiently manage your weather risks across response, planning, and scheduling.

Leave no stone unturned when ensuring weather risks to your business and site are identified, analyzed, and mitigated. Our consulting meteorologists specialize in the weather’s effects on mining operations, meeting your unique needs, and guiding you through complex weather conditions. You can count on us 365 days a year.

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