WZBob Onsite Alerting

Improve mine safety with clear visual and audible lightning alerting

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Protect your team and assets with WZBob — our easy-to-install, visual and audible alarm expansion system. When lightning is detected within your proximity thresholds, it provides simultaneous, site-wide alerts.

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Lightning alerting protection for your team and assets

WZBob delivers crucial safety alerting to your team and visiting contractors working in your mine. Site-wide audible and visual alarms are triggered when lightning breaches your proximity thresholds.

Scalable, site-wide alerting – ensure that all personnel receive critical safety information, wherever they are. With a modular design, scalable to any mine site configuration or size, WZBob can cover as much area as you require.

Clear audible and visual alerts – with clear audible alerts and color-coded visual beacons to clarify the alert level, real-time awareness of lightning risk is improved for everyone on your site.

Customize your alerting – alert levels are customized to your existing proximity thresholds and ensure clear signaling throughout your mine. Red and orange beacons signify breaches of set thresholds, and blue beacons give the “all clear” to return to work.

Easily integrated with your system – WZBob integrates with your existing lightning detection service, providing increased safety coverage. It is also the perfect partner for our Weather and Lightning Alerting Solution (WLAS). WLAS offers industry-leading lightning alerting with unparalleled accuracy.

Fully automated and easy to install – simple to install and fully automated, the WZBob system is supported by a real-time system health and monitoring service, 24/7.

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Improve on-site safety before lightning strikes

Streamline the communication of alerts across your enterprise. When severe weather hits, your team will know when to respond to protect themselves from harm.

Improve communication of vital alerting – your critical safety information is delivered simultaneously to everyone working on site with color-coded light beacons and sounders. Eliminate the need for communication between departments, saving time and reducing human error.

Protect all personnel and visitors on site – as the system is visual and audible, it is accessible to both personnel and visitors on your site. An internal alerting system accessed on devices is team-focused but could leave visiting contractors at risk.

Customize alerting to your response plans – WZBob can be configured to your Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs) and any other considerations unique to your operations, ensuring it supports your existing systems.

Save installation and integration costs – on-site installation is simple, saving you time and resources. It quickly integrates with your existing detection network, wasting you no energy in getting WZBob ready to protect your staff and assets.

With extreme weather causing increased safety concerns at mine sites around the world, WZBob offers a practical and straightforward solution to improve your response to lightning risks and protect lives. Give your team and visiting contractors clear visual and audible alerts, site-wide, when lightning breaches your proximity thresholds. Keep everyone working on the mine safe when severe weather threatens.

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