WeatherOps® Live Event Services

Don’t become a headline. Rely on WeatherOps® Live Event Services.

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Whether you’re responsible for a festival, stadium event, or world tour, our meteorologists will monitor your assets and provide live, personalized weather decision support to help ensure a safe event.

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Insights to plan, protect, and prove.

Just provide the date and location for your event. We’ll send you reports and alerts to help you plan for and manage dangerous weather threats.

  • Daily Weather Planner: Plan loadin and loadout with this daily, color-coded 7-day outlook that covers 14 weather parameters and features user-customizable thresholds.
  • 48hr Weather Check: As showtime approaches, this report offers a more granular look at the weather forecast for the following 48 hours in two-hour time increments.
  • T-storm/Rainfall Planner: Will wind, hail, or extreme temperatures change the outcome of your event? Know in advance with our most popular weather planner.
  • Winter Weather Planner: Receive snow, ice, wind, and wind chill forecast graphics accompanied by a detailed, understandable forecast for planning the next 7 days.
  • WeatherOps Alerts: Our forecast team monitors weather in relation to your tour, festival, or game anywhere in the world. When a threat is possible, our forecaster issues an alert.
  • Lightning Alerts: WeatherOps provides real-time lightning proximity alerting including “all-clear” notifications for your event location(s). Minimize risk with lightning alerts.
  • NWS Alerts: WeatherOps automatically filters and sends National Weather Service Watches, Warnings, and Advisories specific to an asset, all in just seconds.
  • Mobile App: Put the power of our app in the hands of staff on and off-site for the most extensive weather threat coverage possible. Available on App Store & Google Play.
  • Customizable Forecasts: Quickly reference days/times that weather threats may be present at your event location. Features custom thresholds specific to your rigging tolerances.
  • Executive Summary: When managing multiple events, use the executive summary and see only the weather we expect to meet or exceed your rigging or ticketholder safety thresholds
  • Lightning Archive: Lightning strikes are serious business. Choose a location, date and time period, then receive a map and list of lightning strikes that occurred.
  • Event Scheduler: Manage large event schedules with this tool built exclusively to organize events quickly. Set up an entire tour in a matter of minutes with Event Scheduler.
  • Manage Account: Manage users, assets, and events, customize forecasts and asset-based alerts, set product and alert distribution, view maps and report archives.
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Monitor your event, not the weather.

Stay ahead of dangerous weather conditions with our proactive insights, powerful tools, and patented alerts focused on your event, location, and safety protocols.

Have greater peace of mind when holding your event. Our WeatherOps Live Event Service combines personalized consultations with premium forecasts and alerts to deliver enhanced safety and decision support for any location in the world.

  • Ensure a higher level of safety and efficiency
  • Reduce your liability with professional, independent insights
  • Showcase your commitment to keeping people safe
  • Easy to set up and scales to meet your needs
  • Minimize costs and limit unnecessary downtime
  • Be able to make the right decisions, 24/7, with expert support

Prepare, protect, and prove with actionable insights that provide you with the exact timing and impact of severe weather events.

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