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Optimize your margins by up to $0.02 a gallon — or even more

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Harness market volatility and modernize deal capture to boost sales volumes by up to 40%.

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Easily integrate with DTN TABS® and ERP systems

With Energy Digital Commerce, your customers can easily place spot orders online — from anywhere — and you can do more transactions and better manage your fuel sales process.

  • Real-time pricing – leverage real-time market prices to help you optimize margins, eliminate slippage risk, and offer greater price optionality for customers.
  • Simplified price distribution – quickly and accurately share prices with customers across multiple locations.
  • Automated order confirmations – automatically shares confirmations with you and your customers as orders are executed.
  • Automated contract setup – upload orders directly into your back-office ERP or ETRM systems through flexible integration tools.
  • Automated allocation setup – seamless integration with DTN TABS® automatically creates allocations against executed orders.
  • Self-service buying platform – customers can quickly place orders online with easy-to-use, self-service tools.
  • Track lifted quantities on orders – track against individual customer orders and provide your customers with the same level of visibility.
  • Order archive – a full audit trail on executed orders helps simplify reconciliation.
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Offset risks, reduce transaction times, and eliminate errors

Optimize margins in favorable market conditions and complete 10 times more spot contracts by eliminating deal set-up time and automating deal capture.

  • Decrease transaction time – reduce friction in your selling process and make transactions fast, accurate, and seamless.
  • Streamline quote to order – eliminate time spent generating and distributing prices and capturing orders by leveraging automated tools.
  • Eliminate risk – eliminate margin slippage risk tied to short-term, prompt business.
  • Strengthen customer relationships – optimize the customer experience and encourage return business.
  • Increase sales volumes – scale your sales activities to grow your volumes and profitability.
  • Optimize sales margins – better optimize margins in volatile market conditions through dynamic pricing and real-time order capture.
  • Increase order accuracy – improve deal accuracy and eliminate costly transactional errors.

Execute more day deals and increase profits by allowing your customers to transact easily.

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Increase profitability by making bulk fuel transactions easier and more efficient with Energy Digital Commerce.

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“Fuels Marketplace (now Energy Digital Commerce) is a really useful tool. It’s simple to use, helping us make quick and efficient purchases.”
— Patrick Smith, commercial manager, Portland Fuel

It is time to start using a secure, simple, cloud-based sales solution for your business. Request a demo today and see the difference Energy Digital Commerce can make for you.