PROBLEM: Safety and Mobility

In recent years, severe and increasingly volatile weather has significantly impacted the transportation industry’s safety and profits. In the future, climate changes will likely continue to impact roadways, ice roads, vehicles, and railways at a higher frequency. The industry needs accurate and comprehensive weather decision support solutions to ensure better safety, avoid costly delays, and minimize vehicle damage in any season.

SOLUTION: Put Weather Insights on Cruise Control

To make the most effective decisions, agencies need technology driven by the best available observed and forecast weather information, along with data-driven recommendations for the best response. DTN’s comprehensive suite of transportation solutions gathers accurate weather insight coupled with road sensors and innovative technology designed for your unique operations.

Our Transportation Segments


DTN best-in-class solutions help improve the efficiency and safety of every aspect of private and commercial flight, from ground crew management to flight planning and beyond.

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Buying Fuel

At DTN, we deliver supplier pricing information in real-time for over 800 unique products at more than 1,900 terminals in the United States and Canada.

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Expert meteorologists monitor assets and provide live, personal consulting, before and during weather impacts, anywhere on the globe.

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Road Maintenance

From dynamic weather mapping to proactive location-specific alerts, DTN solutions provide valuable support to your operations.

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Weather Environmental Solutions

DTN Weather Environmental Solutions software connects with many types of sensors and allows a high degree of configurability to efficiently manage aviation weather insights.

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weather shipping cargo ship at port gray sky

As a ship master, fleet operator, or planner you bear great responsibility for revenue, cost, and the safety of your crew. You don’t take those responsibilities lightly, and you know that sound weather-routing decisions are essential to fulfilling them.

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DTN provides the insight needed to make timely, effective decisions during all seasons, which helps mitigate dangerous conditions and keep people safe. Instead of reacting to changing weather, you can proactively — before, during, and after a storm — keep road surfaces, drivers and workers safe.

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