DTN Price Admin™

Simplify your pricing. Automate your communication.

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With powerful, real-time supported decision tools, you prevail in the marketplace. Only DTN has the breadth and depth of resources to bring you the reliable information you demand. Utilizing our industry-leading technology solutions, you’ll delight your customers and grow your business.

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Simple. Automatic. Efficient.

Manual pricing and messaging are cumbersome, and prone to error. This wastes precious time—the worst thing you can do in the downstream fuel business. Get organized and send accurate pricing & availability information to your customers when they need it.

  • Upload your prices, type them into the intuitive console, or enter a move amount to have Price Admin auto-calculate your prices
  • Create Price Groups to organize your customers
  • See your latest published prices, make any necessary moves, enter and publish prices all in one intuitive console
  • Beyond pricing communication – send logistical messages like outages, or holiday hours, either immediately or later
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Build more trust with customers, and you’ll earn more business.

With DTN Price Admin, you’ll easily and automatically set prices as appropriate for whichever customer, and automatically communicate with those customers, so everyone knows where and how much they can lift at any given terminal and time.

  • Customers automatically see the price you’ve authorized just for them
  • No more errors from manually entered—and corrected—spreadsheets
  • Available to your entire team, anywhere, anytime, on any device with an internet connection
  • Our Implementation Team will get you up to speed with expert assistance

DTN Price Admin is our new, affordable way to reliably publish prices electronically. And because it’s web-based, multiple members of your team can access it anytime, anywhere—ensuring they can always see critical data.

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