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Our analysts sift through the volume of daily data to send you what is most relevant and important for your decision-making. You can access this trusted information from a single easy-to-use platform. Efficiency and reliability at its best. Save time and work smarter with optimized, actionable market insights and weather information when you need it. That’s MyDTN.

Access to industry-leading ag market coverage, the latest insights on market prices and strategies, accurate weather information and more.

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Keep up with the latest ag-related information and insights on-the-go.

Log in to the MyDTN portal from your computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world, any time of day or night. Our award-winning editorial team combs through market and weather data to provide you with up-to-date information and insights. Stay on top of the changes in the weather, your competition, and market demand that affect your strategies and your bottom line.

Here are some features of MyDTN:

  • Be Informed – Stay on top of the industry with our award-winning news content and independent market commentary.
  • Reliable Data – Make better operational decisions using the industry’s most reliable temperature and precipitation forecasts.
  • Watch Prices – Spot trends and opportunities with the industry’s most extensive database of local grain bids and prices.
  • Timely Alerts – Buy or sell at the right time using our powerful alerts that let you know when the weather may impact operations or price fluctuations may create a profitability risk.
  • Be Mobile – MyDTN goes where you go. Accessible from your computer or mobile device, you can customize your alerts and always be ready to capitalize on changes that affect your producers and your supply chain.


Time-critical insights to support your decisions are never out of reach.

With MyDTN data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make clear and insightful recommendations to your producers that improve their yields and their profits. They’ll appreciate your ability to read the market and keep a pulse on production. Producers have a choice with their distribution channels and buyers. They’ll choose you every time when you earn their trust with your data-supported decisions that help them succeed.

Here a few of the many benefits MyDTN offers:

  • You’ll save time with our curated and consolidated agribusiness information. No more sifting through multiple sites of generic information to find the data you need to do your job.
  • 24/7/365 access to MyDTN keeps you connected and agile anywhere, any time. The weather doesn’t have business hours, and neither do crops. You need to know about forecasts and prices around-the-clock, from anywhere in the world.
  • Enjoy increased crop yield by reducing weather-related risks and poorly-timed operations. Use the accurate local observations and forecasting tools in MyDTN to know when to plant and when to harvest. You’ll get information to help you decide when to store, when to sell, when to move raw materials, and much more.
  • Watch your profitability increase with easy-to-follow, independent insights and pragmatic recommendations for futures and cash marketing. A matter of minutes makes a difference in the market. Be the first to know about trends and move quickly to buy and sell.

If you want insight into the future of the agribusiness industry, you’ll need the best, most accurate, most relevant data for your business decision-making. You need MyDTN.

You need relevant, accurate, real-time market and weather data. MyDTN delivers. Try MyDTN for 14 days and see how our insights and information can improve your process and communications.

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