Metocean Services

Plan and execute offshore operations safely with expert analysis from an experienced Metocean engineer.

DTN creates Metocean consultancy reports tailored to your requirements, focusing on the conditions that are most important to your operations. We combine the most accurate model data with the expertise of an experienced Metocean engineer to deliver reports such as extreme value analysis studies on wind, wave and currents.

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Metocean consultancy reports to plan and execute offshore projects

Tailor made reports using high resolution ocean model data to suit specific project requirements. We can help you plan operations around your exact limits, harnessing the best climatological data on wind, waves, currents, tides and much more.

  • Experienced consultancy
  • Climatological data studies based on a range of industry standard and in-house model data
  • Graphical reports featuring wave roses and monthly persistence and exceedance tables
  • “Waiting on weather” calculations of the best time to start your operation and/or the total completion time.
  • Bespoke average and extreme analysis reports on winds, waves, currents and more
  • Shipping route analysis
  • Transportation Route Studies
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Expertise from experienced Metocean engineers

Design and plan with confidence using actionable insights from qualified Metocean engineers.

  • Enhance Safety by making informed decisions.
  • Minimize costs and limit downtime caused by adverse weather conditions.
  • Be prepared for the most extreme weather, and avoid environmental disasters
  • Lead your offshore projects by combining accurate model data with expert analysis to guide you through all stages
  • We help you choose the apt solution to suit your requirements with our knowledge of region-specific hazards such as tropical cyclones, squalls and monsoon patterns

Make confident weather-based decisions in all your offshore activities. Increase safety and reduce operating costs.

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