Reduce voyage costs while securing safety with expert marine route guidance

As a trader, charterer, owner or vessel manager, you need to detailed weather information to select the optimal route for maximum vessel performance. RouteGuard allows you to plan before, during and after a voyage. You can more accurately plan your routes ETA while saving time and fuel. Adverse weather alerts for your planned route enable you to plot an alternative path while ensuring the safety of the crew and cargo.

RouteGuard cargo ship with red stripe near land


Support all stakeholders involved in the planning and adjustment of shipping routes

RouteGuard is a shore-based ship routing and performance analysis service for ocean-going fleets. It combines data with nautical and meteorological expertise to calculate the optimum routing information for any voyage. Monitor routes and performance in real time on the FleetGuard web platform. RouteGuard also makes it easy to generate post-voyage performance analysis, helping detect underperforming routes and adjust accordingly for future voyages.

  • Weather forecast analysis – Access in-house weather models from The DTN MeteoBase, specially adapted for marine forecasts. Models contain variables, such as surface pressure, wind and waves, currents, ice and visibility.
  • Route planning and guidance – Calculate optimal routes based on ETA, costs and safety using expert advice and guidance from former seafarers and nautical meteorologists.
  • FleetGuard web platform – Monitor fleets, routes, communications and vessel performance with a fully-customizable, modular interface.
  • Performance monitoring and reporting – Receive detailed voyage performance analysis set to C/P standards. Make voyage savings using the Savings Reports module. Monitor weather performance with Analysis and Benchmark modules.
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Save time and fuel while keeping their crews, ships and cargos safe

RouteGuard enables ship owners and charterers to save time and fuel while keeping their crews, ships and cargo safe with the provision of expert marine and meteorology advice on the optimal routes.

  • Save fuel and time – Expertly calculate routes with the lowest voyage costs.
  • Secure safe voyages – Reduce risks and increase safety by avoiding severe weather conditions.
  • Unburden captains – Make informed decisions utilizing personalized advice from master mariners and skilled meteorologists.
  • Improve fleet operational efficiency – Reduce downtime and ship and cargo damage by avoiding severe weather.
  • RouteGuard supports all stakeholders involved in the planning and adjustment of shipping routes, including: onboard users, such as captains and senior crew, and onshore users, such as operations, performance and fleet managers.
  • Onboard – Weather forecast analysis: Analyze weather and ocean forecasts in real time. Route planning: Plan and update detailed routes and port itineraries.
  • Onboard & Onshore – Route adjustments: Calculate and recalculate optimum routes using personalized advice.
  • Onshore – (Post) voyage analysis: Obtain assistance when evaluating voyage and post voyage performance

Reduce costs and improve safety for optimal ship routing and performance analysis. Expertise from master mariners combined with accurate weather information delivers optimum routing information for all ships.

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