RouteGuard Consultancy Services

Reduce voyage costs while securing safety with expert route guidance

Increased automation can decrease hands-on skills, making it difficult to make decisions in "gray areas." RouteGuard provides the unmatched, expert mariner insights you need to preserve safety, time, and profits.

RouteGuard cargo ship with red stripe near land


Expert marine routing consultancy services

RouteGuard is a shore-based routing service for ocean-going vessels produced by our master mariners. Their nautical and meteorological expertise provides the best route for any voyage.

  • Route consultancy – Planning and guidance from nautical meteorologists and former seafarers helps ensure safe, optimal weather routes based on fixed estimated times of arrival (ETAs), RPM, fuel, and costs.
  • Flexibility to meet your needs – Route consultancy is available pre-voyage, during the voyage, as well as on demand. Additional updates are provided as conditions warrant.
  • FleetGuard web platform – Monitor fleets, routes, reports, and vessel performance with a fully-customizable, modular interface where you can also view your RouteGuard insights.
  • Post voyage reports – Our master mariners also provide PVAR reports and claim support.
  • An optimal speed routing algorithm – Uses unique, advanced optimization logic to provide the best route based on overall costs or total metric tons of fuel; if a strict ETA is not required, it will use the vessel’s entire speed range.
  • Expanded route advice formats – Our route analysts can provide actionable insights in several formats, including initial and daily route advice PDFs, route RTZ files, or route CSV files.
  • Vessel-specific performance models – RouteGuard can use your own models, whether developed in-house or by a third party, to further optimize its voyage calculations.
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Sharpen your operational command and control

RouteGuard keeps crews, ships and cargo safe while providing savings and increasing operational efficiency.

  • Save fuel and time – Our expertly-calculated routes ensure the lowest voyage costs.
  • Secure safe voyages – Reduce risks and increase safety by avoiding severe weather.
  • Unburden your captains – Make confident, informed decisions based on personalized advice from master mariners and skilled meteorologists.
  • Improve fleet operational efficiency – Reduce downtime and damage to ships and cargoes by avoiding dangerous conditions.
  • Support all stakeholders – Provide the critical insights all parties need to plan and adjust safe, cost-effective shipping routes.
    • Onboard – weather forecast analysis: analyze weather and ocean forecasts in real time. Route planning: plan and update detailed routes and port itineraries.
    • Onboard and onshore – route adjustments: calculate and recalculate optimum routes using personalized advice.
    • Onshore – post-voyage analysis: get assistance in evaluating voyage and post voyage performance.
  • Protect voyage profitability – Our optimal speed routing algorithm allows our analysts to find the most cost-efficient route for your voyages — without negatively impacting safety or navigability.
  • Provide your crews with data they can use – We offer a variety of route advice formats backed by the latest science to provide easily-accessible, comprehensive insights covering many critical factors.
  • More precise route recommendations – By using your own vessel-specific performance models, RouteGuard can better optimize routes based on your vessel’s latest performance.

Get unmatched expertise from master mariners, combined with accurate weather and vessel information for optimum routing insights for all of your ships.

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