Why DTN?

We supply trusted weather intelligence, services, and operational forecasts to over 400 mines globally. With a depth of knowledge forged from years of collaboration within the mining industry, we provide you with the most relevant data to meticulously serve your safety, site, and operational needs. You have the insight of our mining-specialist meteorologists, who understand your operational challenges and specialize in meeting your mine’s unique requirements. Our expert insights assist in improving your blasting outcomes, safeguarding your team, machinery, and infrastructure, and underpin shutdown and emergency response planning. You will have your finger on the pulse of real-time weather impacts every moment. We streamline your critical decision-making by providing you with the most up-to-date, accurate nowcasting and forecasting. Together, we work 24/7/365, to keep you safe, efficient, and situationally aware, whatever the weather.

Miners in cavernYou can rely on our proven, in-depth industry experience and our ability to pinpoint your individual company’s requirements. We listen first and then deliver the most relevant weather and environmental data to boost your efficiency and protect your bottom line.

Miners walkingGain expert analytics to power your decisions. When the weather hits hard, we provide meteorological threat analysis specific to your site and operations, customized operational briefings, and robust IT processing and support to ensure system uptime.

Mining Construction Dump TruckWith gridpoints every 6km worldwide, OptiCast® is a sophisticated consensus and machine learning forecasting solution. Your hyperlocal weather intelligence improves the efficiency of your day-to-day operations and reduces costly, unnecessary shutdowns triggered by inaccurate forecasting.

Tailored Intelligence for Your Mining Operations

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Real-Time, Hyperlocal Lightning Alerting
When it comes to on-site lightning risk, it is vital that you have a reliable system with unparalleled accuracy capable of protecting the lives of your personnel. Utilizing data from the world’s most effective sensor networks, the Weather and Lightning Alerting Solution (WLAS) is an industry-leading, real-time detection and alerting system that is customizable and requires no external hardware. You can trust the precision of the WLAS to increase your team’s safety and eradicate costly, unnecessary downtime.

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Powerful, Industry-Leading Nowcasting and Forecasting
OptiCast is a global consensus forecasting model able to correct NWP errors in real time. OptiCast rapidly updates every 10 minutes, intelligently adapting to local observations and correcting forecasts based on historical evidence. Wherever you are, we provide your business with the most accurate nowcasting and forecasting data out to 14 days, supporting the mitigation of your operational and safety risks, and guiding cost-effective planning for your maintenance and critical projects.

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Blast Dispersion Modeling to Evaluate Environmental Impact Risk
Blast Dispersion Modeling accurately forecasts the projected movement of emissions and particulate matter (such as PM10) post-blast. You can run simulations driven by inputs specific to your mine sites, such as hyperlocal forecasting, your mine’s topography, and the amount of explosive. You gain precise “dust cloud” modeling, allowing you to visualize where lifted dust will travel and settle so you can plan for watering/dust suppression. Auditable report trails assist you in fulfilling your license and legislative requirements.

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Your Centralized Mining Solutions, Easily Accessed
Miningzone is your industry-specific dashboard for weather and environmental intelligence, blast dispersion modeling, storm tracking, and lightning alerts. Customizable to your mine and operation-specific parameters, it allows you and your teams to have complete situational awareness at every moment. Miningzone is user-friendly and presents comprehensive data with clarity and simplicity. It provides actionable insights to support your decisions, whether you’re staring down a storm cell, scheduling maintenance, or planning a safe, effective blast.

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An Australian Goldmine Realizes the Benefits of the WLAS

A major Australian gold mine recently trialed and upgraded to the extensive resources offered by DTN. The gold mine used a single-point lightning sensor, but following an incident that severely impacted operations, they questioned its reliability and accuracy. The business trialed the Weather and Lightning Alerting Solution in tandem with their existing sensor to compare the response. As thunderstorms moved through the area, their original single-point sensor triggered several “red alerts,” throwing the mine into a two-hour shutdown.

By contrast, the WLAS accurately detected the lightning strike range, showing that the lightning was more than 30km away and not within the red alert zone. Post-event analysis proved that the single-point sensor had been too sensitive, costing time and money. The WLAS alerts were accurate, and had the site been actively incorporating the alerting solution for their operations that day, the two hours of mining shutdown would have been avoided. With the upgrade to the WLAS, the company can now enjoy the cost-saving and safety-enhancing benefits of accurate lightning detection.

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