EcoField™ data

EcoField data is the premier agriculture and agronomic dataset to best plan for, sell, and measure the impact of sustainable producer practices in the U.S.

New and growing sectors require new and better tools. By harnessing the power of differentiated data that only DTN can provide, in combination with validated information from growers, EcoField data customers can realize greater confidence in the new opportunities unfolding as sustainable agriculture practices continue to grow.

Monitor, calculate, and report on the sustainability metrics of grain suppliers, including carbon sequestration for SCOPE 3 reporting to better measure the “E” in ESG commitments nationwide.

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Get an unmatched view of sustainable U.S. producer practices.

Quickly tap into dozens of sustainable practice indicators and carbon impact models at the field level for 19 grain and pasture types across the top 34 U.S. agricultural production states.

  • 50 sustainable ag indicators, such as varieties of fertilizer and crop protection usage, irrigation, cover crop, tillage practices, and equipment usage and emissions data.
  • Uniquely blended and validated data, including FarmMarket data from DTN, offers unprecedented scale and insights into field-level sustainable farm practices and carbon outputs.
  • Grain types include the 19 most prominent U.S. crops, corn, soybeans, cotton, winter wheat, spring wheat, and more.
  • Built-in environmental impact models that help affirm carbon footprints, track carbon reduction/removal and SCOPE 3 outputs.
  • Optional interfaces and customizable views and outputs with dashboards and data sets that can be tailored to your priorities – by grain type, by location, by sustainable practice and by carbon output.
  • APIs offer quick integration with your existing platforms or systems.


Discover new business opportunities and meet ESG commitments.

Identify and grow sustainable agribusiness opportunities — and get ahead of ingredient source transparency and carbon reporting requirements for sustainability-focused commitments.

  • Build your business. Better serve current sustainable growers and attract new prospects by easily identifying who they are, where they’re at, what they’re growing, and how to connect with them.
  • Know your carbon footprint. Confidently calculate the sustainability impact of each bushel or ton with Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) at scale with with validated emissions reporting and SCOPE 3 outputs.
  • Understand your sustainable impact. Easily trace/track, manage, and report on the impact that sustainable practices have on growers, soil and carbon emissions.
  • Find your buyers. Quickly identify sustainably grown crops that meet specific buyer parameters.
  • Better agronomic insights. Sort, model and locate sustainable practices to better understand local and regional impacts and opportunities for soil health, water conservation and carbon sequestration.

Harness the power of differentiated data and take advantage of emerging sustainable ag practices. Try a free demo of EcoField data today.