Storm Tracker®

GIS mapping of severe weather impacting your mine site and infrastructure

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Storm Tracker allows you to visualize the system in real time before adverse weather hits. Rapidly assess potential equipment damage or safety risks so you can launch your response.

Mining GIS Features and Benefits


Monitor your infrastructure in real time

Storm Tracker is a Global Information System (GIS) solution providing multiple weather layers mapped over your location. With it, you gain customizable alerting capacity and can clearly visualize the impact of events.

Intelligent GIS geofencing – your infrastructure and sites are clearly mapped with access to multiple weather layers. Geofencing enables the customization of alerts that are relevant to your mine.

Real-time proximity alerting – you have access to lightning and thunderstorm alerts, as well as for tropical storms, fire, flooding, and wind. You can customize these to your existing proximity thresholds, Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs), or operational requirements.

Delivered via the Miningzone interface – Storm Tracker is embedded into Miningzone — your purpose-built interface providing all relevant environmental and weather data in easy-to-visualize formats.

Rapidly updating data – Storm Tracker’s weather data rapidly updates every 10 minutes, giving you lead time to respond to incoming weather threats.

Forecasting and nowcasting capacity – incoming severe weather is forecast, including potential risk and severity, and nowcasting covers impactful conditions as they occur. Satellite and radar imagery also map clouds and precipitation.

High-resolution imagery – images are crisp and clear, whether viewed on control room screens, large monitors, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Precise, hyperlocal nowcasting – Storm Tracker’s meteorological data is already proven and trusted in the mining industry, so you can be sure you have the most rigorous meteorological intelligence guiding your decisions.

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Protect your team and assets before impact

Clear visualization gives you the upper hand in responding to potential risks. Hyperlocal nowcasting gives you the foresight to rapidly enact safety shutdowns if needed.

Gain lead time when threatened by incoming severe weather – Storm Tracker forecasts give you critical lead time to plan and respond as you follow the path of incoming weather, flooding, or fire systems in relation to your site.

Have your finger on the pulse – harness the ability to monitor both complex and geographically-widespread weather systems relative to your business. Zoom controls and snapshots give you the flexibility to observe what is most urgent.

Know who and what has the potential to be impacted by weather – with your infrastructure and location mapped in high-resolution, quickly identify what lies in the path of any incoming storm, flood, or fire. This can focus your response and guide your protective measures.

Protect profits by enacting shutdown procedures only when necessary – less-specific forecasts can shut down your site despite there being no actual risk. However, Storm Tracker clarifies the situation relevant to your mine so you can avoid costly and unnecessary downtime.

Know when it is safe to resume work – alerts are color-coded to help clearly communicate the severity of a threat. When the danger has passed, an ‘all clear’ alert is given, ensuring you have a reliable indication of when your operations can safely resume.

Storm Tracker gives you the complete picture before severe weather hits your mine site. With rapidly updating intelligence, you can fast-track your critical decision-making processes and keep your staff and assets safe.

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