Comprehensive, real-time inventory management to improve terminal operations.

More effectively manage your inventory and storage capacities with the downstream oil and gas industry’s first and highly-trusted automated inventory gathering system.

With DTN Terminal Inventory Management System (TIMS), you can automate your processes in real time — each time a truck is loaded, a shipment is received, or a bill of lading is generated. Install it across your terminals and network to eliminate manual errors and enhance your overall operational efficiency.


Reduce costly oversupply and sell-outs by seeing your inventory in real time.

To avoid issues, you must effectively manage your inventory at specific facilities and across geographic regions. That requires real-time inventory data and insights.

In addition to better supporting your customers’ fuel needs, knowing where your inventory stands can help ensure compliance with regulations governing reserves and stabilize the supply chain.

We designed these features specifically for your terminal operations:

  • Real-time inventory information – As fuel leaves your terminals — be it at a single location, a specific geographic area, companywide, or nationwide — your levels will adjust automatically, and you’ll receive an update.
  • Customizable dashboards – Instantly see the latest updates, important alerts, and vital analysis of inventory balances and distribution network activity — in one place. Plus, you can prioritize data based on your preferences.
  • Filter and export data – Easily filter data by product, location, or timeframe, and export it directly into your systems using spreadsheets.
  • Configurable alerts – Know immediately when one of your terminal and product combinations falls outside your set minimum/maximum ranges.
  • Standardized terminal and product codes – Track which of your products are selling and where they are in demand.
  • Automated tasks – View your inventory data alongside validated supply and demand information directly gathered from the source.
  • Back-office integration – DTN TIMS digitally interfaces with your other systems for fast, accurate invoicing and more.


Your inventory management and terminal controls just got easier.

Instantly stay on top of your capacity, reserve levels, and more with real-time inventory updates every time a truck is loaded. DTN TIMS automates and aggregates this and other critical information for you from terminals across your distribution network.

These are just some of the benefits you can realize with DTN TIMS:

  • Eliminate inefficiencies – Manually gathering and entering data is time-consuming and prone to errors. Reduce your risk and save money and effort with digital management of load and lading information.
  • Balance supply and demand – Quickly address issues with custom alerts that notify you when your chosen minimum/maximum range levels for your product and terminal combinations are breeched.
  • Enhance pricing capabilities – Get the tools you need to dynamically and competitively price product. You can even create custom pricing structures for segmented markets and groups.
  • Increase revenue opportunities – Route product to meet demand by better predicting future inventory needs based on historical data and market trends.
  • Improve inventory planning – Avoid runouts and storage constraints with forecasts, grids, and graphs that help you better visualize your current positions and keep inventory lean — but not low — improving your cash flow.
  • Provide superior customer service – Deliver a positive, hassle-free customer experience by enhancing your level of service and ensuring supply chain reliability.

See your data in a whole new way from a single dashboard - the industry's first automated inventory gathering system for downstream oil and gas

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