Comprehensive, real-time inventory management to improve terminal operations.

Your terminal operators need to communicate with each other, as well as your central office and back-end systems. DTN TIMS – Terminal Inventory Management System – automates processes in real-time, every time a truck is loaded, a shipment received, or a bill of lading generated. Operate more efficiently and reduce errors from manual input by installing DTN TIMS throughout your terminals and network.


Reduce costly over-supply and sell-outs by viewing your inventory in real-time.

Terminal operators need real-time inventory information to succeed in today’s modern fuel industry. You need to know the fuel status at a specific facility or across a particular geographic area, so you can manage your inventory and avoid run-outs or oversupply. To keep your supply chain moving efficiently and comply with regulations governing reserves and more, you need to know where your inventory stands so you can ensure stakeholders get the fuel they need and you can maximize your margins.

DTN TIMS provides a window into your terminal needs by offering these features designed for the fuel industry:

  • Real-Time Inventory Information – As fuel leaves your terminals, your levels adjust, and you receive an update.
  • Customizable Dashboards – Prioritize the data that is most important to you.
  • Easy-to-Read Interface – All of your data, alerts, and inventory analysis and distribution network activity are in a single place.
  • Configurable Alerts –  Know immediately when any of your terminal and product combinations fall outside of your set minimum/ maximum ranges.
  • 24/7 Position Control – Your inventory updates whenever fuel is dispensed or received, even over weekends and holidays.
  • Standardized Terminal and Product Codes – Track which products are selling and where.
  • Automated Tasks – No more manual data entry.
  • Back-Office Integration – DTN TIMS digitally interfaces with your other systems for invoicing and more.


Inventory management and terminal controls just got easier.

DTN TIMS automates & aggregates information from terminals across your distribution network in real-time. When a truck is loaded, your inventory will update and you’ll get new information about capacity, reserve levels, & more.

With DTN TIMS, you’ll be able to:

  • Automate manual processes, saving time & money.
  • Eliminate manual entry of load & lading information with digital uploads.
  • Catch errors and aberrations using data validation filters.
  • Route product to locations & terminals experiencing demand.
  • Keep inventory lean but not low, improving your cash flow.
  • Competitively & dynamically price your product.
  • Minimize credit over-extension.
  • Plan fuel buys to maximize margins.
  • Analyze storage capacity & pending deliveries.
  • Predict future inventory needs based on historical data & market trends.
  • Use grids, graphs, & alerts to visualize current positions at a glance.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies & errors related to manual data entry.
  • Access your DTN TIMS dashboard online anywhere, anytime.
  • Export data into a spreadsheet for further custom analysis.
  • Create custom pricing structures for segmented markets & groups.
  • Connect your back-office systems to your terminal operations system.
  • Spot opportunities to efficiently balance supply & demand, & seize them.
  • Plan marketing efforts around your supply chain needs.
  • Optimize deliveries & restocking based on data from your terminals.
  • Provide superior customer service by ensuring supply chain reliability.

See your data in a whole new way from a single dashboard - the industry's first automated inventory gathering system for downstream oil and gas

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