DTN Allocation Tracker™

DTN Allocation Tracker delivers accuracy and eliminates risk.

In a low-margin business like the downstream fuel industry, marketers need to see where they have allocations at any given time. Seconds matter in this business and DTN Allocation Tracker recognizes that. You will be able to make the best buying decisions possible at a moment’s notice in this competitive industry. Watch your frustration and waste disappear as your efficiency and profit start to rise.


DTN Fuel Allocation allows you to do more than simply manage your presence in the market.

In the fuel buying industry, managing product allocations is critical to ensuring you have product when and where you need it. But doing this requires considerable time and resources, and it’s stressful and time-consuming to get it right.

In spite of all their hard work, industry pros often find the information they’re working with isn’t current or accurate. Old data can lead to costly errors like sending a truck to pull product at a location 50 miles away only to be turned away at the rack. And in this market, data doesn’t have to be very old to be outdated. With real-time information, DTN Allocation Tracker eliminates this risk. Make your hard work pay off with:

  • Percent Alerts – Receive an alert about whether a specific product allocation percentage has or has not been lifted in a set time frame from the activation.
  • Refresh Alerts – This notification lets you know when a supplier updates and refreshes an allocation.
  • Volume Alerts – Receive an alert when the remaining allocation amount for a particular terminal, terminal group, consignee, or consignee group falls below a specified percentage.
  • Streamlined Data – Pair DTN Allocation Tracker with DTN Fuel Buyer for a powerful real-time view of prices and allocations.


Ensure control over your business by remaining in-the-know at all times.

With DTN Allocation Tracker, you will always have current and accurate allocation information. This data ensures that you have product available and keeps you rateable with your contracts. Enjoy control, speed, and efficiency in your business as you boost profit and eliminate waste. Stop spinning your wheels in this competitive market. Work quickly and with intention by taking advantage of all that DTN Allocation Tracker and Fuel Buyer combine to offer.

  • View all of your allocations immediately. Our accessible interface is conveniently layered on the same screen with your prices. With both pieces of critical data on a single display, you can easily make your best buying decisions and save valuable time, money, and resources.
  • With one customized, consolidated view, you no longer need to log in to multiple supplier websites each time you need information. You can even submit GPO requests within the system. It’s your one-stop allocation tracking system.
  • Power users have access to all of the capabilities that DTN Allocation Tracker provides and can create saved allocation searches to assign to other users. View-only users (such as in-house users or common carriers) only see content and use functions granted to them by a power user.

NEW! All your allocations, at your fingertips

Introducing DTN Allocation Tracker Mobile. Check lifting status at any terminal, from any supplier, for any product, 24/7, from the palm of your hand. Best of all? It’s included with your DTN Allocation Tracker subscription!

Today, when DTN Allocation Tracker is paired with DTN Fuel Buyer,® there’s a way to have a streamlined, real-time view of prices and allocations on a single screen. Request a free demo and try DTN Allocation Tracker today.

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