DTN FastRacks®

Adjust your pricing and gain a selling edge with actionable insights from DTN FastRacks.

Monitor rack pricing in real time and work with, not against market fluctuations to remain competitive to your customers. With superior market intelligence and actionable insights from DTN FastRacks, you’ll stay ahead of your competition and improve your bottom line.


Experience real-time updates, global market analysis, and customizable alerts from DTN FastRacks.

DTN FastRacks is designed specifically for fuel sellers. It has the information and insights you need – when you need them – in order to adjust your positions and pricing based on market conditions. We know you operate on razor-thin margins, so we developed these features to help you capture efficiencies and shave percentages to boost your sales and profits.

  • Real-Time Price Alerts – Receive an immediate notification on your phone or computer when a rack price has changed.
  • Comprehensive Data Compilation – DTN FastRacks combines pricing info for roughly 800 branded and unbranded products at more than 1,900 terminals in the US and Canada.
  • Market Closing Reports – Our analysts prepare daily summaries of fuel futures after each market close so you can prepare for action at market opening.
  • Data Experts – Rely on our expert analysts for advice and information.
  • Customizable Data – Select only the data and markets relevant to your business and decide how and when to receive reports and alerts.
  • Accurate Data – DTN FastRacks digitally gathers rack prices in real-time and uses multiple control checks to ensure the highest level of accuracy in the industry.
  • Archived Reports – Use more than ten years of historical pricing data to review your own pricing and compare to your competitors as well as the market.
  • Position Analysis – Know where you stand within the market and plan your intraday price moves to capture buyers.
  • Trendspotting – Aggregate data crunching and comparisons against historical data help you predict which way the market is moving.
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Rack pricing information and analysis delivered quickly and reliably means you’re never in the dark about your market competitiveness.

Your rack prices reflect the current costs of crude oil, refinement, transportation, and other factors. As industry supply and demand changes, so too must your rack pricing. You also need to monitor what your competitors are doing with their pricing, so that you can remain attractive to buyers. DTN FastRacks gives you the rack price discovery information you need to boost your margins and maintain your competitive edge.

With DTN FastRacks, you can:

  • Optimize your contract pricing decisions.
  • Validate your pricing against competitive analysis, market conditions, and historical trends.
  • Perform accurate pricing comparisons and analysis.
  • Select what pricing and market information you want, in the format you need.
  • Customize the types of alerts you wish to receive and determine who receives them and when.
  • Confer with DTN analysts to determine your most competitive positions.
  • Quickly react and adapt to market changes and fluctuations.
  • Protect your thin margins and find ways to boost them.
  • Stay ahead of other fuel sellers when you respond more quickly to changes.
  • Retain your loyal customers and locate new buyers with favorable contract pricing.

Streamline your operations with a new and better way of doing things.

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Improve margins with a new benchmark for rack data

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DTN FastRacks by the numbers

DTN FastRacks is known for its superior pricing data and customer service. We work to ensure that the data it provides is accurate, timely, and able to be seamlessly integrated into your back-offiice tools.

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DTN FastRacks Fun Facts

DTN FastRacks provides the most timely and accurate rack pricing information to assist fuel sellers with their pricing decisions and market positions.

Get the jump on fuel markets and attract more buyers for your products by leveraging the power of information and insights to make you stand out. Try a DTN FastRacks demo today and experience how superior data, delivered real-time and backed by sound analysis can position you as a leader in the fuel seller industry.

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