Weather and Lightning Alerting Solution

Be prepared and protected on site with global severe weather and lightning alerting

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Reduce unnecessary shutdowns with hyperlocal detection informing your safety decisions. The Weather and Lightning Alerting Solution is your key to precise lightning strike alerts and protecting your people and assets.

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Site-wide severe weather alerting for your mine

The Weather and Lightning Alerting Solution (WLAS) draws on a vast global network of lightning sensors, detecting both intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground strikes with unsurpassed accuracy.

Easy to interpret and visualize – WLAS data is delivered in a clear, easy-to-interpret format via Miningzone, your customizable interface. Miningzone is built specifically for the industry, considering your unique safety thresholds.

Real-time lightning and storm mapping – each storm that threatens your mining site is GIS mapped across your site and infrastructure. All data is easily visualized and shown in real time, with proactive SMS/email alerts delivered to any device across your network.

Global partners delivering worldwide detection – drawing on the most accurate global lightning detection sensor networks, we integrate data from over 1,800 sensors in more than 100 countries, so our alerting solution has you covered, wherever you are.

Accurate classification of lightning – unlike other systems, both intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning activity is detected and located. This robust coverage increases storm forecasting, alerting accuracy, and situational awareness, giving your mine site warnings up to 45 minutes in advance.

Customizable alerting capacity – you can set your alerts to your site’s existing proximity thresholds and Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs). The WLAS integrates seamlessly with your current systems, optimizing the safety of your team.

Detection accuracy to 200m – with our sensor network, we pinpoint individual lightning strikes down to <200m. This data is filtered into the system in real time and generates alerts shared via email, SMS and your Miningzone interface to any device across your network.

Fully redundant, reliable network – the WLAS is meticulously maintained and fully redundant, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and a system uptime of 99.9%.

No installation of hardware required – no matter where you are, there is no need to install or maintain additional hardware to integrate the WLAS on site.

24/7/365 days IT support – receive customer support, whenever needed, to ensure your site is always covered.

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Mitigate safety risks for your team

The shifting climate is bringing increasingly severe weather events, so we offer you a complete system to protect productivity and safety at your mine site.

Gain complete situational awareness – with GIS mapping of storms shown across your sites and infrastructure, you have visual awareness of situations as they occur. This allows you precious lead time to prepare your team and assets, reducing weather damage and safety risk.

Make critical decisions quickly – with WLAS’s easy-to-visualize storm and lightning data delivered in real time and forecast with adequate warning, you can assess and make informed critical decisions quickly, improving safety and operational outcomes.

Reduce costly downtime – less precise sensors can be over-sensitive, putting your site into shutdown unnecessarily — a costly problem financially and productively. The 95% detection efficiency of the WLAS will reduce this risk, ensuring you maintain productivity whenever possible.

Activate tailored alerting capacity – you can choose where and how quickly alerts are delivered with customizable alerting options. Set your proximity thresholds within the system, prioritizing safety and avoiding shutdowns when lightning is at a safe distance.

Enjoy easy implementation – save time and money on installation and activation. This simple solution is designed to talk to your existing system. Have your WLAS up and running immediately without needing to purchase any hardware.

Be assured of system uptime – with the WLAS so meticulously maintained, you can have confidence in the complete reliability of the system. In the extremely unlikely event that you experience interruptions, you have access, 24/7, to our IT specialists so that you can be back online swiftly.

Integrate a trusted and proven solution – the WLAS is already used by hundreds of businesses, an assurance this solution is unparalleled in accuracy. We aim to provide you peace of mind, supporting your critical decisions, safety, productivity and bottom line.

Lightning strikes can potentially cause loss of life, stall production, and cost millions of dollars of damage to mining assets. You can rely on the WLAS to buy you the time required to safeguard your people, equipment, and productivity.

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