Tools and solutions to strengthen your business

Trust DTN to help your company thrive in many ways.

With our solutions, you'll strengthen your connection to producers by offering private and secure grain portals, custom-branded websites, email-driven communications, and more. Plus, you'll be able to cut costs through better-informed decisions.

  • DTN Portal

    DTN Portal® is a comprehensive grain management solution that includes a single, centralized integrated hedging system. With it, you can easily manage transactions in real time, and give your growers the ability to maximize cash marketing.

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  • DTN Connect

    DTN Connect™ links meaningful agricultural and customer data to increase engagement opportunities and boost sales.

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  • DTN Sense

    DTN Sense™ can help you and your sales team discover critical business trends and actionable sales opportunities hidden within your own sales data.

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  • DTN Scout

    DTN Scout™ helps you spot customer field issues early, such as weed resistance, pests, and disease. You can also make smart, targeted recommendations to help your customers better manage rising input and crop protection costs.

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  • DTN ProphetX

    DTN ProphetX® gives you a convenient way to make better,more confident trades, and it's a centralized source for quotes, analysis, news, and information.

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  • DTN AgHost

    DTN AgHost® will help your company stand out with growers through a mobile-friendly website designed to communicate and drive sales.

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