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Complete GIS Mapping Solution for Offshore & Energy

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DTN GIS is a complete offering available via Esri Map Services. It is housed on our ArcGIS Server infrastructure, providing access to our industry-leading weather forecasts and insights. Get the comprehensive weather intelligence you need to predict how the weather might impact your operations, strengthening your existing decision support systems.

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Over 140 Data Services for Offshore, Maritime, and Oil & Gas operators.

DTN GIS provides the largest selection of precision weather layers on the market today and integrates seamlessly into the organizational applications you already use to provide high-performance delivery of weather information.

  • Forecast Services – DTN provides global hourly forecasts through our ArcGIS Server infrastructure, quality controlled by our expert team of meteorologists
  • Real-Time Analysis – Surface observations updated every five minutes and include 10 separate weather variables at a given location anywhere on earth.
  • Map services provide weather content for overlay in all of your mapping applications and websites. They are exposed through ArcGIS Server REST endpoints for quickly adding past, present, and future weather to any Esri maps or apps. Services also available in standard open source geospatial formats such as GeoJSON, KML, and GeoTIFF.
  • Synchronized with your DTN WeatherOps data, reports, and apps


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Empower your operational command and control.

Make the best operational and business decisions through your entire organization. Complete and consistent integration of relevant weather insights to all users makes for better decision-making, planning, and communications.

  • Tell your story. DTN GIS solution provides the largest selection of precision weather layers on the market today. Make your message clear with quality DTN data.
  • Execute your digitalization initiatives. Ingest forecast report data, graphics, alerts, and analytics into your applications.
  • Simplicity. ArcGIS users can add to maps and apps on their ArcGIS online or portal in a matter of minutes; no documentation needed, no code to write.
  • Complete. A single, comprehensive source of weather data lets you streamline your application experience and reduce development costs.
  • We scale with you. When considering a data provider, ability to scale as your needs require is vital. DTN data is served from a completely scalable environment.

GIS Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We provide our geospatial content from ArcGIS server, but ArcGIS Server also provides OGC endpoints, like WMS and WFS, and vector data can be returned as GeoJSON and KML while raster (gridded) data can be returned as GeoTIFFs.

Additionally, users of DTN ArcGIS data services use the data in a variety of mapping applications, Leaflet (Esri Leaflet GitHub repo), Mapbox, OpenLayers (OpenLayers ArcGIS documentation), etc. Many of these applications have support for ArcGIS Map, Feature, and Image services.

Tap into a substantial catalog of weather analytics and information for integration into any project. Through a combination of cloud-based APIs, SDKs, Esri Web Services, and gridded and point data sets, you can incorporate past, present, and future weather data and analytics.

Whether it’s a mobile or web application, Esri platform, or your own common operating picture, DTN API weather data is ready to work for you. Not only can you integrate in a flash, you provide your users with the most accurate weather information and analytics available on the market today. Extend your potential with precision weather data.

We want to give you access to our data for free while in the building stage of your project.

DTN provides fully flexible packages to meet the unique requirements of our customers, as well as recommended packages for specific sectors to support risk management best practices.

While integration of DTN ArcGIS based services is extremely easy into ArcGIS apps and maps, you are not required to use any Esri software to leverage DTN weather services in your maps and apps. See FAQ’s for more info and references for Leaflet, Mapbox, and OpenLayers users.

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