Flight Route Alerting

Plan safer flights with Flight Route Alerting.

Real-time weather alerts help you plan and execute safer, more efficient flights. Customize your DTN Flight Route Alerting to get up-to-the-minute, accurate weather information for your specific needs.


Safer flights start with customized weather insights.

Every time you get in the helicopter, you want to be sure it is safe to fly. You need to know what you’re flying into, and what might be coming your way.

With Flight Route Alerting from DTN, you can quickly and accurately determine if thunderstorms, lightning, wind, and other weather factors will affect your flight. There’s more to Flight Route Alerting than your typical weather forecast information. With the best weather stations and professional meteorologists in the business, you’ll have access to information that isn’t available to the general public.

Our insights are designed for pilots. Flight Route Alerting does more than tell you the weather forecast. Our advanced interface allows you to:

  • Plan Routes – Plan routes to anywhere up to 36 hours in advance.
  • Receive In-Flight Weather Alerts – Automate and customize so you receive in-flight alerts.
  • Monitor Flight Plans – Aircraft-specific Eddy Dissipation Rate (EDR)-based turbulence, icing, and thunderstorms now can be monitored.
  • Comprehensive Info On Flight – Get a complete picture of your flight with the following features:
    • Sigmets
    • TAFs
    • METARs
    • TFRs
    • Convective Sigmets
    • Airmets
    • Forecast and Observed Ceiling and Visibility
    • Lightning
    • Storm Corridors
    • Radar
    • Volcanic Ash
    • and more
  • Meet FAA Guidelines – Enhanced Weather Information Services (EWIS) brings you into compliance with FAA guidelines.


Flight planning just got easier.

With Flight Route Alerting from DTN, you can plan your routes up to 36 hours in advance using the most accurate weather forecasting models in the industry. Earlier flight planning helps you optimize your business, giving you advance warning for any necessary flight cancellations or rescheduling.

  • Make scheduling decisions with confidence, backed by the most reliable weather data.
  • Make changes as needed while en route with up-to-the-minute weather alerts and updates.
  • Fly safer with better planning for flight times and routes.
  • Monitor up to 25 positions including altitude, position and time components.
  • Make safe, cost-effective decisions that optimize your labor costs.
  • Customize the 4D interface to your personal thresholds and asset locations, driving your efficiency.
  • Be confident about your flight decisions by relying on the expertise of 70 degreed meteorologists using sophisticated data models.
  • Make course corrections to respond to changing weather conditions to prioritize safety.

With Flight Route Alerting from DTN, you’ll avoid schedule disruptions, optimize efficiency, and improve your profitability. Backed by the best meteorological data and the most sophisticated prediction models, you’ll have confidence in your routing and in-flight decisions. Information is power, and better information equals better planning and safer flights.

With our free demo, learn more about Flight Route Alerting and see how it can transform your flight operations.

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