Real-time alerts and weather intelligence delivered to any device across your network

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Streamline your sitewide communication of vital alerts and data with Weatherguard, our purpose-built industry app. Ensure everyone across your business has access to critical severe weather information, keeping them safe and aware.

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Hyperlocal weather and alerts; delivered sitewide

Accurate, real-time SMS lightning alerts are delivered via WeatherGuard to every device in the field, so your team know their risk level and respond accordingly.

Data specific to your mine site delivered to your team – the WeatherGuard app delivers hyperlocal alerts, weather and operational forecasts to relevant personnel. Access can be gained by staff and contractors via iOS, Android and Windows to ensure sitewide awareness of weather threats.

Real-time lightning maps over site and infrastructure – give your team lead time to respond to lightning risk and clear visualization of the system’s path. WeatherGuard shows Storm Tracker GIS maps that track storm activity over your location and infrastructure.

Intuitive alerts tailored to GPS position – all WeatherGuard alerts can be customized to reflect your proximity thresholds and Trigger Action Response Plans. Alerts are delivered in accordance with the GPS position of each user’s mobile.

Easy business-wide delivery of critical alerts and warnings – after customizing to your requirements, you can ensure vital information is being delivered to your team, exactly when they need it.

Clear alerts to increase immediate understanding – alerts are color-coded according to proximity, enabling easy discernment of personal risk. A blue ‘all clear’ is given to advise when it is safe to return to work.

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No one on-site will be left in the dark

When you need your crews to be on the same page, no matter where they are, WeatherGuard’s easily visualized data and personalized alerts will keep them safe and productive.

Reduce safety risk – ensuring each of your personnel receives push notifications when lightning poses risk keeps them aware of developing situations and able to respond appropriately to maintain safety.

Improve communication between crews and control room – a centralized platform reduces complex communications between departments that waste time and can be impaired by human error.

Customize access and alerting for your team – your crews will only see the data and alert levels that are relevant to them, so they can be quickly informed and act appropriately.

Improve sitewide situational awareness – real-time data ensures there is no lag time in response when severe weather threatens. Your team will know exactly what is occurring and how it will impact them, so they can make quick operational decisions.

Facilitate a coordinated, decisive response to threat – when critical severe weather information is delivered to your team in real-time, they can coordinate a timely and decisive response.

Weatherguard offers real-time site and company-wide dissemination of critical alert levels and warnings, improving understanding and situational awareness. This leads to reduced health, safety and environmental risk and improved efficiency right across your operations. It is well suited to field crews and operators, providing clear understanding of impacting weather events, and their effect on operations, whilst also delivering personal alerts to advance sitewide safety.